Best Bicycle Under 5000 In India 2021

Best Bicycle Under 5000
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Finding the Best Bicycle Under 5000 In India? Then This review helps you to find the right bicycle for you.

For two-wheelers, bicycles are the most preferred one, thanks to the low price and the advanced technologies included in this particular commute vehicle. Gone are the days when riders used to rely on manual bikes with a simple aluminium frame. In today’s time, bicycles have been improved to a point where you can now have multiple gears to change the speed, different types of suspensions and brake discs, and so on. 

Even though bicycles are preferred in India’s areas, there is little speculation that you can only buy modern bikes at a high price. In reality, however, bikes with advanced technologies are available at lower budgets also. And that’s what we will discuss here today, about the best bicycles in India in 2021 under 5000. 

What Can You Look At From A Bicycle Under 5000?

There are great bicycles that you can get within 5000, starting from single-speed to geared bikes, and so on. However, it is not easy to choose one particular name, especially if you are an amateur in riding a bicycle. For this reason, here we have described some of the facts you need to keep in mind to get the best two-wheeler within your affordability range. 

  1. Brakes: two central discs are present in the bikes under 5000- brake discs and V-brakes. Based on your convenience and the bicycle’s usability, you have to decide the type of brake you need. 
  2. Suspension: most bikes under this range have rigid suspension, which will offer you a controlled ride on smooth planes. But, for off-roads, you need a bike with front, rear, or dual suspension. 
  3. Gear: if you need supreme control on the ride, single-speed equipment is the ideal choice. However, if you want to pedal less and shift the speed, you will need the gear technology more than one. 
  4. Frame: aluminium bikes are very lightweight and can be easily maneuvered around. The alloy frame is slightly heavier but more durable than the aluminium ones. 

Top 10 Best Bicycle Under 5000 In India 2021

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

In this mountain bike, the frame is made from steel, making the two-wheeler highly durable and long-lasting. The metallic black paint covering the frame will prevent corrosion and rust from developing fast. Even though it’s a single-speed bike, it will offer you more control on the ride, and you won’t have to worry about changing the speeds now and then. The rigid suspension is present in this bike, which offers a similar comfort throughout the chassis. Mudguard is absent on the rear end. V-brakes are present in the bike that makes the bike further affordable. 


Highly durable and resilient, thanks to the steel frame.
No extra pressure is imparted on the wheel spokes.
Less maintenance is required due to less complexity.


Rides might feel hard due to minimal spring deflection of the suspension.

2. Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle

Made from steel, the frame is covered with a beautiful color combination, which makes this bike stand-out even in a vast crowd. The frame parts are joined in a hard way, and hence the handlebar is very firm and robust. It has a T-shaped structure with a proper grip, which will help you to maneuver it easily. High-quality tires are present, which will give you the independence of commuting on any road- smooth urban highways and off-beat graveled roads. Its saddle is made from cushion padding, thus increasing the comforting statement of the two-wheeler. 


The high efficient braking system for full control over the rides.
Protective chain guard to prevent the entanglement of the moving parts.
Steel frame to increase the durability.


The lack of shifting gear will make it hard to commute on off-road routes.

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3. Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Hybrid Bike

Perfect for riders above twelve years of age, this is one of the best hybrid bikes that you can have within such a lowered affordability range. Both the front and the rear wheels are attached to a caliper braking system, ensuring proper control on the ride, irrespective of the topographical condition. The rigid suspension prevents any unequal spring deflection in the bicycle if you are traveling on a bumpy road. The metallic color painted on the steel frame will allow you to use the bike for a longer time without having to worry about corrosion and rust. 


With caliper brakes, braking will be done equally throughout the chassis.
No gear complexity means no requirement for high maintenance.
Side curved handlebar to allow a better grip on the bike.


No mudguard is present in the bike, which can ruin the rear end.

4. Hero RangerDTB 26T 6 Speed Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a geared bicycle within an affordable range, this is the perfect two-wheeler you can get in the market. It has a 6-speed configuration that is ideal for a beginner or for a rider wishing to have gear as an optional choice. The bike’s frame is a little bit fatter than other two-wheelers, which is why one will have a better chance at maneuvering this vehicle easily on both the smooth urban roads and the rougher off-roads. Caliper brakes are present on both the end, which will give you full control on the ride. 


Rigid suspension helps in maintaining the same level throughout the bike’s chassis.
With 6-speed gear, you can quickly shift the speed on rougher roads.
Caliper brakes will help you in automatically controlling the braking movement.


The durability of the caliper brake is less as compared to other technologies.


Perfect for kids, the Mad Maxx bike is one of the most affordable two-wheelers with modern technologies integrated into the frame. It has balancing wheels on both sides of the main rear wheel, helping your kid cycle quickly on the smooth roads. The curved handle of the bike makes it maneuverable and provides a better grip on the handlebar. This bike has fat tires, which ensure better durability of the bike. 


The backrest is present in the bicycle for more comfort to the kids.
A front basket is present so that your kid can carry his belongings easily.
Balancing wheels are present for new learners.


The saddle lacks the comfort of extra cushion padding.

6. BSA Photon Ex With Bar End Bicycle

This bike’s frame is made from steel, which has increased durability and resilience. Even though the bike is single speed, it will offer you more flexibility to ride along the smooth, urban roads. Apart from this, you won’t have to think much about the maintenance factor since a single-speed bike has a lesser complex structure. The wheel size is around 26″, which is perfect for this vast framed bicycle, suitable for every rider above thirteen years of age. 


Cantilever brakes are present, which offers more control on bikes while riding in wet conditions.
The bike requires less maintenance due to single-speed gear and the cantilever brakes.
A sturdy and robust frame, thanks to the high-quality steel material.


The rigid suspension wouldn’t provide flexibility while traveling on bumpy roads.

7. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

With a unique look, this particular two-wheeler is known for being the epitome of control and comfort. The saddle has a quick-release system that will help you to adjust the seat’s height at your convenience. You will get three different frame size options for this bike you can choose according to your height and riding choice. The wheel rims are made of double alloyed walls that increase the tires’ safety and the wheels’ longevity. The aerodynamic frame design is present to help you glide through the roads quickly without having to put extra effort on the pedals for overcoming the air friction. 


Disc brakes present on the bike to give you better riding control.
Quick-release saddle for height adjustment.
High-quality, tough grip on the handlebar for better bike cruising.


With the absence of gears, traveling on off-roads is difficult.

8. Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike

With a fantastic color combination of black and white combination, you will enjoy the ride perfectly. The wheels are more extensive and more robust to support the bike’s frame’s entire weight along with the rider. The pedals are flat with proper ball bearings, which will help you peddle the bike faster without putting much effort into the activity. With a quick-release saddle system, controlling the seat’s height at your convenience is easy. 


Anti-corrosive paint to increase the longevity of the bike.
Comfortable and adjustable saddle to make the riders easier.
Double-walled alloy wheels to protect the tires from abrasions.


No mudguard is a presence that might cause debris and rocks to come in contact with the rear end.

9. Mach City Aluminium iBike

If you are troubled with maneuvering the bikes’ heavy steel frame, you need to try it as it has an aluminium frame. It’s incredibly lightweight, and hence can help you gain more speed with a little effort in pedaling. In the handlebar, you will find thermoplastic grips long-lasting and won’t cause sweating in your palms. The saddle has foam in the interior, which makes the seat comfortable for long rides. Disc brakes are present, which will help you stop the bike instantly when you face some obstacle. 


The lightweight bike is made from an aluminium frame.
Rigid suspension to keep the bike’s chassis at the same level.
Absence of gear to reduce the maintenance efforts in the bike.


Durability is not that high since the frame is made from lightweight aluminium material.

10. Avon Gutts Cycles

In this bike, the frame is made from steel material, which has increased the bike’s durability and strength. The wheels are fatter and have an appropriate tire for a better commute on smooth and rough roads. The saddle has a quick-release system that will help you adjust the seat’s height easily as per your comfort. The handlebars have been firmly fixed on the chassis with no break in the joint to add to the bike’s flexibility. 


Both disc and V-brakes are present for better commute control.
Plastic mudguard present which will protect the rear end from debris attack.
Single-speed gear system to help challenging journey on smooth roads.


The rigid suspension wouldn’t provide comfort if you are traveling on rocky paths with bumps.


With so many options now in your hand, we are sure you will choose the perfect bike without any problem. All you need to decide is the type of road where you want to travel frequently and the level of ease and comfort you are expecting. Once settled, you will be able to select the perfect bike within 5000, which is the most affordable range for a two-wheeler bike. 

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