Best Bicycle Under 50000 In India 2022

Best Bicycle Under 50000
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Do you know that cycles have become one of the primary modes of commute in many countries, including India?

Do you think that cycling is meant only for traveling short distances on normal roads?

Well, if you want to know the answers, you have to move further to explore!

Cycling has become one of the best outdoor activities for many people. According to several health surveys, it has been proven that cycling has a lot of physical and mental benefits, which is why starting from teens to older people can be seen cycling on the roads nowadays. 

This increasing demand for the best bike with advanced technologies has compelled the manufacturers to up their game. That’s why nowadays, one can find several different types of cycles, be it the hardtail mountain bikes or the all-sport road bikes

So, what bike are you getting for yourself?

Isn’t it a tough decision, especially when you need the best bicycle under 50000?

Yes, indeed, as a lot of money will be at stake. And that’s the reason here we have discussed the best bikes you can get in the market within this price range. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with our impending discussion about the best bicycle under 50000. 

Top 7 Best Bicycle Under 50000

1. TRIAD E1 Electric Bicycle

Electric bikes are the newest addition to the family as the most advanced technology to date. The TRIAD E1 electric bike is just the right model for you, especially if you look for the basic electric cycle with amicable features.

Here, you will have the Li-ion battery with a waterproof casing that can be removed and reattached at your convenience. A pedalPedal-assist system is available to help you avoid less physical exertion in pedaling to move forward.

Moreover, as the bike comes with a 7-speed configuration, you won’t have any problem while travelling downhill and uphill. The distance between the saddle and handlebar is less, which will help in the easy operation of the derailleur for changing the speed and controlling the disc brakes.

Only a front suspension fork will help you go on small trails and hiking routes. As for the tyres, the wheels are 26” that is perfect for an alloy-framed bicycle. The wheels are also covered with a double-walled rim, protecting the rubber tyres from early corrosion and wear and tear.


  • Ergonomic saddle and handlebar
  • Removable Li-ion battery with waterproof casing
  • Thick and fat tyres with double-walled rim wheels


  • Wheel size 26” wouldn’t provide good traction on roads.

2. Geekay ecobike fat mountain tyre electric bicycle

Usually, you will have two commute assistance systems in the electric bikes- pedal assist and throttle. In most models, you will have either of these two systems, but Geekay has made sure to increase their product’s efficiency by including a 35% throttle and 15% pedal assist.

Fifty kilometers is the maximum riding range for a single battery life cycle with a top speed attainable at 25km/h. The Li-ion battery is removable and can be charged using the mobile phone USB cable, which is quite advantageous for most riders. 

In this bike, the motor generates quite a high torque for which you can have a full-throttle in the bicycle for better performance and speed. Coming to the aesthetics of the electric bike, the saddle seat is made from soft cushion padding, which is why this electric bike is the epitome of comfort and relaxation.

Also, as the bike is made from alloy material with anti-crack technology, you won’t have to worry about going on rough trails. Coupled with disc brakes, the 27.5” wheels will provide you better traction on offbeat roads and support the dynamic stability so well. 


  • 21-speed gear system available for shifting speeds
  • Front high power suspension fork
  • All-terrain bike with wide wheels


  • Saddle lacks the quick-release system.

3. Polygon Heist X2 Urban Hybrid Bike

Polygon is a new player in the market, yet it has launched such a great urban-styled hybrid bike for bicycle lovers. First of all, the frame is made from urban allow, making it easier for you to maneuver it on the roads.

Rather than having the normal mechanical brakes, Polygon has given the riders better control on the commutes by installing hydraulic disc brakes. You can easily stop the bike as soon you press the brake in the handlebar, thereby preventing any mishap.

Front suspension with 63mm travel is present with an 8-speed gear system in both the front and rear wheels. Thanks to the high-performance tyres, you can speed up on both the normal and offbeat roads without worrying about the terrain type.

Luckily, this bicycle comes with an aerodynamic design that will help you cut through the air friction and move with great speed. 


  • Perfect for fast turns, obstacle bumps and tractions, and slow uphill climbing
  • 8-speed gear system present for better speed shifting
  • Flat and wide handlebar with more driver control 


  • No suspension lock-out system is available in the hybrid bike.

4. NIBE Motors Electric Bicycle

If you are looking for an all-road bicycle, this electric bicycle from NIBE is the perfect choice for you. This particular bike will help you to travel faster on smooth roads, up to a distance of 50 kilometers in one single battery charge.

It has light frame and the aerodynamic design, you will attain the maximum speed of 25km/hour. Even though the bike doesn’t come with a gear combination, you will have the pedal-assist system to cover the offbeat terrain along the urban roads.

As for the brakes, hydraulic alloy disc brakes will help you come to a stop as soon as you press the brake handle. Coming to the seat, you can adjust the saddle height according to your comfort, which is why you won’t have any problem cycling long distances every day.  


  • Quick-release system available with the saddle
  • Front suspension forks are available
  • Double-walled rims present for better tyre protection


  • The absence of gear combination makes it difficult for downhill and uphill commutes. 

5. Leox Billion Gear Mountain Alloy Bicycle

Geekay Leon Billion gear bicycle is ideal for those who want to get the best bicycle under 50000 for trails and hikes. This is the true definition of an MTB with a 1X13 gear shifting mechanism that will help in easy downhill and uphill commutes.

The pedals are made from anti-skid technology that will help you drive faster, even if you ride during the rainy season. As far as the aesthetics of this bike is concerned, you won’t have to worry because both the saddle and the handlebar are perfectly designed for easy access to the push-button derailleur and brakes. 

Coming to the wheel designs, 29” tyres are present for an all-terrain ride. This will give more support to the bike and give you better control of the traction force against the obstacles of the offbeat roads.

Hydraulic disc brakes are present in both the front and rear wheel. The front wheel is connected to an air suspension system that will help you cover roads full of potholes, bumps, stones, and others.

The alloy finish of the bike will help you maneuver around the twists and turns of the mountain trails and yet cut through the resistance force of the air. 


  • Alloy front air suspension fork
  • 2-finger brake levers for better control on wheels
  • Push-button gear controller for easy speed shifting 


  • The gear ratio could have been better as compared to the original 1X13 configuration. 

6. Hero Lectro Renew 26T 7 Speed Electric Fat Bicycle

With a 26” tyre size, this electric bike comes with multiple advanced features that will help you travel both on normal and mountain roads.

7-speed gear configuration is present in the bicycle, which will help you to change the speeds during the uphill and downhill commutes. With a Li-ion battery, the bike will attain a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

It has a waterproof casing, and hence you won’t have to worry about rain or snowfall. Even though the tyres are fat and the bike’s stance is low compared to the other bikes we have discussed, the same alloy frame will help you balance the bike’s weight. 


  • Comes with hydraulic disc brakes for better ride control
  • Adjustable saddle height for better comfort 
  • 7-speed gear system available for offbeat commutes


  • You can’t remove the battery from the bike’s frame. 

7. Firefox Bikes Gangzta 29D, 21 Speed Mountain Cycle

If you are looking for a high-gear combination, this particular bike will be the ideal choice from Firefox. With a speed combination of 3X7 in the front and rear wheels, you will have a better chance of traveling along the uphill and downhill paths.

The saddle is quite comfortable and comes with a quick-release system so that you can be on a level with the handlebar. Front suspension is present to give you more balance over the ride while travelling on uneven terrain. With disc brakes, you can stop the bike as soon as you press the brakes. 


  • Wide tyres with 29” diameter
  • Disc brakes to give you better control on the ride
  • Alloy frame for easy maneuverability 


  • The manual derailleur is present but not the push-button controller.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bicycle Under ₹50,000

Before you get to know the top bicycles available in the market under the price range of 50000, we would like to discuss the aspects of choosing the best model. 

As you will be investing a lot of money, we don’t want it to waste. Hence, the upcoming discussion will talk about a brief buying guide for the best bike under 50000. 

  • Type of bike:
    The first thing you need to worry about is the type of bike you need for yourself. Over the years, several cycles have been introduced to the market with differences in brakes, terrain type, traction power, etc.
    Based on what your purpose is, the choice of the bike should be optimum. For instance, here are the basic bicycle types you will have in the market.
    1. Electric bikes
    2. Hybrid bikes
    3. Mountain bikes
    4. Road bikes
  • Brakes:
    Every bicycle comes with a brake, be it the normal road bikes or hybrid bikes. The brakes will allow you to control your motion both on the offbeat and normal roads. Brakes are of different types, each having its pros and cons.
    For example, the normal brakes are ideal for short commutes and road bikes, while the disc brakes are perfect for having complete control of the motion.
  • Gear ratio:
    Gear ratio is the combination of forks associated with the front and the rear wheels. This particular aspect is important to consider if you buy the bicycle for trails, hiking, mountain climbing, and offbeat roads.
    Most bikes will have a single-speed configuration with a 1:1 ratio for both the front and rear wheels. 21T or 3:7 gear combination is another most common gear ratio you will find in the MTBs and the other types of cycles.
    You will shift the speed with such a combination, thereby putting less effort into pedaling while traveling uphill and downhill.
  • Tyres and wheels:
    It’s important to understand that the tyres and wheels will affect the bicycle’s stability in motion. For example, the heavy-duty cycles with steel frames are usually equipped with fat tyres, while the lighter mountain bikes have thinner tyres. Similarly, road bikes do not always have double-walled wheel rims, but the hybrid and MTBs will have this feature.
  • Bodyweight and frame material:
    It would be best if you considered the weight of the bicycle before you finalize the model. Make sure that the weight is maneuverable on the terrain you will explore too often.
    Apart from this, you also need to look for the right frame material. Steel frames are perfect for the better stability of the cycle. On the other hand, the alloy frames are lighter and can resist air friction better. 


Here, we have discussed the 7 best bicycles you can buy under 50000 in India. However, you need to choose one particular model and be very certain about the type of bike you would like to have for yourself. If you want to go on trails and hikes using the bike frequently, choose the electric or hybrid ones having a proper gear combination. The urban bikes are ideal for short and long-distance commuters on the city roads. So, first, understand your requirement and then make the best selection. 

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