20 Best Cycling Routes in Mumbai That Cyclists Should Try

Best Cycling Routes in Mumbai
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Mumbai, fondly referred to as the city of dreams, boasts of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the sprawling Bollywood industry, and an impressive topography. With some of the most scenic and challenging cycling trails, Mumbai is a hotspot for cyclists. The highly diversified terrain, coupled with the various cycling groups, encourages amateur and experience cycling lovers to explore these trails. Recently, Mumbaikars have shifted their focus to cycling. It is undoubtedly a greener alternative to reduce carbon footprint and keeps the body fit.

The pleasant weather of Mumbai, combined with the thrill of navigating lakes, hills, and parks, offers excitement to the cyclists. It is also the best way to escape the tension of everyday life. But, before you step out, make sure that you have the proper cycle and safety gear.

However, Mumbai is also known for the infamous traffic jams. It is why most cyclists prefer roads that are not swamped with cars and potholes. In order to have a pleasant and refreshing journey, you can take a look at the 20 best cycling routes compiled here.

Aarey Milk Colony to Goregaon – Be awed by the greenery

One of the few precious remaining green belts in Mumbai, the Aarey Milk Colony is a paradise for cycling fanatics. The forest land extending about 3600-4200 acres is filled with varied trees and magnificent migratory birds.

The greenery that you can witness as you ride through the cycling route is mesmerizing. Moreover, you will also come across Chhota Kashmir, the main attraction of the Aarey Milk Colony. The 4-acre lake offers boating and is a well-known picnic spot. You can pack some breakfast and hop onto the best road bicycle for the journey. It is the perfect way to make bonds with fellow cyclists.

Marine Drive to Fort – exhilarating fun

Does the notion of adventure excite you? Well, then the cycling route extending from Marine Drive to Fort is the perfect trail to explore the gorgeous city of Mumbai. You can opt for the 15 km route that stretches from Churchgate and ultimately ends at the Fort region. As you zoom past the road, the panoramic view around will leave you awestruck. It is the best way to admire the Victorian architecture prevalent in South Mumbai and the seaside.

In this long cycling route, you will find the road surrounded by greenery extending for about 3.5 km. Rest assured, your journey will be a memorable one. For this route, you can opt for ebikes. The most popular eBikes in India include- Tronz E-Bike, Coppernicus T3 E-Bike, and Hero Lectro E- Zephyr TX.

Palm Beach Road to Kharghar Hills – for feathered friend lovers

Starting from Palm Beach Road and ending at Kharghar Hills, this cycling route is an absolute favorite among cycling lovers. The picturesque view around is enough motivation even for the non-cyclists to pick up a ride for the journey. Here, you will come across wetlands, wide roads, and numerous birds.

The breeze, coupled with the prospect of viewing mini waterfalls in the monsoon, makes the route even more appealing. You can choose the top-rated hybrid bicycles when you decide to explore the trail.

Bonus Point: If you are also a birdwatcher, then make sure to pack your binoculars for the ride.

Uttan to Manori – a tour of the gorgeous beaches

Are you tired of the exasperating honking of the cars while you are out cycling? Then, the cycling route from Uttan to Manori and Gorai will give you satisfaction. The main advantage is that the trail is situated far from the buzz of the city center.

Here, the roads are lined with mangroves on both sides and fuse iridescent energy within you. Cycling on this route offers you the opportunity to traverse the magnificent beaches. Moreover, you can also view the impressive Global Vipassana Pagoda.

For this ride, you can choose the best road bikes in India. These include – Montra Unplugged (priced at 28,950 INR), Hero Octane Iguana 700C (priced at 29,700 INR), and Merida Scultura 100 (priced at 63,990).

Vasai to Virar – chance to test stamina and endurance

If you have been staying in Mumbai for some time, then the prospect of breathing in some fresh air will no doubt excite you. Head out north, and once you leave the city behind, the roads, devoid of cars, will welcome you.

There is not much civilization, and you can enjoy the route without any issues. It also the perfect trail to bring in some friends. You can enjoy nature and spend time with your friends – at the same time.

Keep in mind that the rolling terrain will challenge you. Make sure that you have the best cycling tire before hopping on for the journey.

Nariman Point to Malabar Hill – witness tall skyscrapers on the way

The route starting from Nariman Point and ending at the Malabar Hill through the exquisite Marine Drive is an interesting cycling route. Along the road, you will be greeted by the presence of astounding skyscrapers. The trail is well-maintained, and the greenery that you see around Malabar Hill will ensure that you keep coming back.

If you are a beginner, you will find this route incredibly enjoyable. Though the route is easy, it can get a little bit hard as it nears Malabar Hill. However, it is the challenges that help you to hone the craft.

Tip: Make sure that you purchase top-quality saddles for cyclists in India. They can cost anywhere between 1,000-10,000 INR.

Bandra to Churchgate – exhaustive adventure

If you are eager to test your endurance, then this route is the ideal one for it. This 20 kilometer route takes you on a trip to the most scenic places in Mumbai. You start the journey from Bandra and traverse through the busy streets of Dadar to reach the more soul-soothing Malabar hills.

The terrains encompassing the Malabar Hills are challenging and will require patience and skill. After you cross that, you will find a more relaxing trail on Marine Drive. You can choose the best hybrid cycle in India 2020. Some of them are – Firefox Karma (priced at 17,220 INR), Bergamont Helix 1.5I (priced at 25,900 INR), and Merida Crossway 15-V (priced at 27,990 INR).

Sanjay Gandhi National Park – for the wildlife enthusiasts

Do you want to unwind from the chaotic stress by cycling amidst greenery? A cycling trip to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park will do the trick. It is one of the most popular picnic spots in the city of Mumbai.

Despite the aspect of crowds, you will feel relaxed once you enter the park. If you are a wildlife lover too, you will be delighted to observe Indian hare, grey langur, spot striped hyena, Indian flying fox, four-horned antelope, etc.

If you are up for some adventure, you can venture onto the gorgeous Kanheri caves. Before starting the journey, make sure you have the top-quality cycling toolkit with you.

Ghatkopar to Mulund via Eastern Express Highway – an undisturbed ride

Open boulevards, scarce civilization, and the beauty of nature in its raw form make cycling on the Eastern Express Highway an absolute delight. It is also one of the most convenient and traffic-free routes that connect Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane.

The distance between Ghatkopar and Mulund is 20 kilometers. For an uninterrupted, refreshing ride, head out early in the morning. Keep in mind that the route is long, and thus, you must be equipped with the best saddle bag 2020.

Mulund to Yeoor Hills – an exciting offroad trail

Located in the Thane district of Mumbai, Yeoor Hills is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. It is also lovingly nicknamed “Mama Bhanja Hills” by the locals. You can start the journey from Mulund and reach Yeoor Hills via the Ghodbunder Road.

The hilly area offers lush greenery and an off-road exploration to the cyclists. With mesmerizing curves and steep slopes, you will love the challenge that the terrain poses. You must opt for the most popular MTB in India for this ride. Some of them include – Hero Sprint Fazer 26T 18, Cosmic Eldorado 21 Speed Edition, Giant Talon 29er 4 GI, and Merida Big Nine 600.

BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) – a pleasant experience

Surprised to see the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) on the list? You may recognize the area due to it being one of the most well-known financial hubs in Mumbai. But, what you are not aware of is that the stretch of road is often used to hold various cycling competitions. Despite being crowded with restaurants and offices, the wide road and ample spaces are perfect for cycling.

It is the perfect opportunity to test out your newly purchase top-rated road bikes.

Note: Do not forget to invest in the best led tail light for bicycle. You can opt for – Garmin Varia Radar Rear, Cycliq Fly6, Bontrager Flare PT, etc.

Worli Sea Face – admire the beauty of the seaface

If you are wondering about why you should opt for the Worli Sea Face rather than the Marine Drive, then the smooth roads must act as magnets. Also, the route is devoid of any elevations and is simply a wide flat road that is well-maintained.

Despite being a short trail, the route is well-known among cyclists. The visuals, sea breeze, and the feeling of freedom enhance the appeal. It is the best route for intervals or laps. Moreover, the crowd is mostly relegated to the esplanades.

Walkeshwar – a challenge in disguise

If you are a novice rider, then this cycling route is definitely not for you. However, if you have some experience and are not deterred by the prospect of tackling the false flat, then the Walkeshwar route will amaze you. The trail stretches to a length of about 1.8 km and is one of the most sought-after cycling routes in Mumbai.

The route requires you to exhibit your skill and increase your cadence. Furthermore, the excitement doesn’t end here. At the end of this road, you will find the Hanging garden. The downhill trail adds another challenge to the riders. Make sure that you have top-quality bicycle helmets.

Carter Road to Pali Hill – fun with cycling peers

If you have recently made some cycling friends, then you can opt for the Crater Road as your next route. The road is smooth and has a distinct lack of potholes. Moreover, the palm trees on either side make the atmosphere more refreshing. It is the perfect route to hang with other avid cyclists. You can ride zoom past the promenade while feeling the breeze on your skin.

After cycling the entirety of Carter Road, you can go to Pali Hill. The upward ascent will offer you the kind of adrenaline rush that is hard to find. Wear the best cycling shorts India for a comfortable journey.

Western Express Highway – best for enhanced workouts

Are you eager for a long cycling route to explore with friends? Then, the Western Express Highway (WEH) is a perfect choice. The highway consisting of a flat-out road is riddled with few bridges and a downhill. It results in the kind of workout that makes your muscles ache. But, don’t worry; the satisfaction you feel will surpass all pains and grunts.

You can opt for either the international airport as the end point if you do not have enough time or you can ride to the Dahisar Check Naka. If you are not willing to end the journey, then you can extend the trip to Vasai-Virar. Opt for the best gps cycle compute with maps for a smooth ride.

Ghodbunder Road – an adrenaline-fused journey

If you want a challenge that involves riding in the diverse terrain, then the Ghodbunder Road route is the one for you. It boasts of gorgeous slopes and terrific descents. Pedaling your way through these ups and downs will take your breath away. No wonder it is one of the most demanding cycling hotspots in Mumbai.

Choose the best MTB in India for this excruciating journey. Also, make sure that you pack energy-filled snacks, water, and the high-rated toolkit for the ride. After you are done with the adventure, you can stop by the creek and taste the famous cutting chai.

Navi Mumbai to Lonavala – zooming past lush greenery

One of the best cycling routes that you can opt for is the one that extends from Navi Mumbai to Lonavala. The route, 62-65 km, is a fun ride. It is filled with greenery and allows the riders to breathe in the fresh oxygen.

Once you start the journey on the Mumbai Pune Old Road, you will feel the change in scenery in the atmosphere.  It is vital that you determine the best cycle brands in India before purchasing the right bicycle for the trip.

Virar to Vandri Lake – best for a monsoon ride

At a distance of more than 50 km from Mumbai, Vandri Lake is a vision to behold. You can also start the ride from Virar Shirsad. From here, the route stretches for approximately 23 km on the National Highway 8. This route is especially a delight in the monsoon season. After you reach the Vandri Lake, you will be awed by the ethereal beauty of nature there.

Mandwa Jetty to Alibaug – an unexplored route

The route leading to the Alibaug area is not often opted by cyclists. It is due to the fact that the riders have to first reach the Mandwa Jetty before they can begin the journey. However, you will find various cycling groups as you ride here. Here, you can explore areas like Murud Janjira, Kashid, Kihim, and more. You can opt for any of the popular road bicycles for the trip.

Marine Drive – loved by runners and cyclists alike

The 4.3 km long Marine Drive is the kind of cycling route that inspires you to opt for more rides in the future. Apart from cycling fanatics, you will also come across walkers and runners. Also known as the Queen’s Necklace, the view of Marine Drive at night is unparalleled.

As you zoom past the road, the view of the lofty Arabian Sea will soothe your soul. The sea breeze making a swishing sound or the mighty roar of the continual waves – riding through the Marine Drive is never a bore. If you are riding at night, make sure that you have the best headlights on flash mode.

Cycling as a professional sport is quickly gaining massive recognition in India. Moreover, the alarming climatic changes have forced people to look out for safer alternatives. Cycling is not only a great way to reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere but also helps to maintain your health. Not to forget the soothing effect it has on the soul.

Traffic congestion is most likely to put a dampener on the excitement of cyclists. However, you can opt for the above-suggested list of routes and have a memorable experience. It is also the best way to explore the lesser-known areas of Mumbai. But, keep into account the traffic rules and safety aspects before you zoom past the terrains.

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