Best Electric Bicycle In India 2022

Best Electric Bicycle In India
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Cycling is considered to be one of the healthiest exercises in the outdoor environment. It brings motion to the entire body and also helps in strengthening the posture for better grip. With the increasing demand for the best cycle technology, many brands have now introduced different bikes with innovative technologies, including the electric cycle

Top 10 Best Electric Bicycle In India 2022

1. Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5T SS Single Speed Electric Cycle

With a lithium-ion battery, this electric bike is one of India’s best electric cycles. The battery has an output performance of 5.8ah with a 250 Watt controller for better understanding. Single-speed gear is present in this bike, which will help you maintain a constant speed without shifting the gears.

However, this might pose a problem during uphill and downhill transit. The tyres are made from nylon, with an amicable diameter for handling the weight. The wheel rims are made from anti-skid alloy for better performance on wet or slippery roads. 


LED display to reveal all the necessary information pieces about the bike
Reflectors are present in the bicycle to ensure better safety on the roads.
You have the disc brake rotor at the front, while the rear has an alloy v brake.
The motor gains its power from the throttle mechanism.


The lack of gear shifting options to put more pressure on your legs for pedaling along slopes.

2. Hero Lectro Renew 26T 7 Speed Electric Fat Bicycle

Another excellent example of an electric bike is the Renew 7-speed model from Hero. It is equipped with a BLDC motor with an output power of 250 watts that is enough for transferring the 11.6 AH battery power to the wheels.

Right at the handlebar’s center sits the LCD screen with a power button on the right for better control on the electric circuit present in the bike. The electric bike’s entire frame is based on the MTB metal alloy compound, which maintains the two-wheeler’s robustness and sturdiness. The bike comes with a front suspension fork style, making the rides smoother and swifter. 


A torque sensor is present in the bike for exact turns around blind corners.
Fat tires current to handle the weight and provide equivalent weight distribution.
The saddle is very much comfortable with PU leather for long-lasting.
High battery output of 11.6 AH for long-range commute.
7-speed gear present for effortless downhill and uphill transit.


Fat tyres can make it difficult to traverse on too rough terrain.

3. Hero Ozone-26-7S Electric Bicycle

Perfect for adult riders, this Hero Ozone electric bike model is one of the most chosen pieces in the market. It comes with 26″ tires enclosing an 18″ alloy framework for better and smoother rides.

It’s a mountain bike, which means the chassis is built in a way where it will support you during rougher uphill and downhill transits. Also, since it has an only single-speed gear, you can have better control over the ride since it can maintain the speed at your convenient value with the pedals’ help. The e-bike comes with rigid suspension, which will provide you with more comfort during bumpy rides. 


Linear pull brake type is included in this electric bike model.
Made from steel, the frame is hardy and robust enough to handle wear and tear.
The height range suitable for the bike’s saddle is 5.4 feet to 5.10 feet.


The presence of rigid suspension can cause difficulty when you are traveling on rock or gravel surfaces.

4. BattRE Electric Cycle

First thing first, Battre has gained a lot of popularity in the two-wheeler industry over the years. When they introduced this fantastic and colorful version of the electric bike in the market, riders went crazy. The bike’s frame has been made from high carbon steel, increasing the design’s resilience and hardiness.

It’s operated by a lithium-ion battery with an output threshold of 250 watts, running on 36 volts. Luckily for the mountain commuters, the bike comes with a 21-speed gear combination- three gears at the front and seven present at the rear end. Standard tyre sizes are used with the bike’s chassis, which will help you traverse different terrains without worrying about the world.


Colorful but bold appearance to help you stand out in the crowd.
The lithium-ion battery is used, which has a long lifetime.
Comfortable saddle covered with high-quality leather fabric for a better experience.


Since hydraulic brakes are absent from the bike, the high chances are that the manual brakes will have frequent dirt accumulation.

5. LightSpeed Dryft

No other electric bike has managed to get the limelight of a futuristic two-wheeler design other than the Dryft model from LightSpeed. The bike has a rear hub motor with a delivering power of 250 watts and 32 Nm. It is powered by a Li-ion battery with a 10.4 Ah power output. The pedal boost system acts as the gear and allows you to transition smoothly from one degree to another. In this boost system,

 Five levels are there- the higher the level, the more will be the electric assist and less manual effort. The LED multi-informational display sitting right at the handlebar’s center will display all kinds of information pieces, starting with motor speed to temperature, trip time, and others. 


The bike comes with e-brakes, which will allow you to have the upper hand on the bike’s halting motion.
It consists of a powerful motor that will allow you to travel on rougher terrains easily.
The Pedal-assist system present in the car has five different levels for varying the degree of assist.


Since it contains rigid suspension, you might feel the jerkings while traveling on a bumpy road.

6. GoZero Mile

Powered with the BLDC hub motor, the bike can have a maximum torque of 35 Nm, an expected value for the e-bikes. The engine works silently, so many riders prefer to have this for their peaceful road vacations. The batteries are also upgraded along with the motors, and now the Li-ion battery provides a 300 Wh output power.

Since the battery is portable, you can carry it anywhere and put it on a charge if the battery runs out of life. The LED display is another significant feature of this bike since it will show you all the information pieces of your trip, be it the distance, the time, the pedal-assist system configuration, and so on. 


Three pedal assist levels are present in this electric bike, which will help you drive the bike without putting in much manual effort.
You can use a 12 magnet system to increase the bike’s range on any terrain.
JAK disc brakes are present, giving you better control o the ride and the immediate stopping action.


Since a Li-ion battery is used, you need to make sure it doesn’t come in contact with any form of explosive material.

7. Lectro Kinza 27T Single Speed Electric Cycle

Since this bike comes with a full-throttle acceleration, you will be able to easily attain the top speed without sacrificing your safety and excitement. Here, you will have the lithium-ion battery with an output power of 5.8 Ah, which could have been more.

The range of the bicycle varies from 25 kilometers to 40 kilometers easily. It has single-speed gear that will help you drive the bike continuously throughout transit. The nylon saddle present in the bike’s seat will make the rides further comfortable, because of which you will be able to drive for long hours without any delay. 


Both at the front and rear end are the V-brakes, which will help comfortable rides on smooth roads.
The battery comes with a fantastic controller that lends its maximum power to the wheels for a faster commute.
A 3-level LED display is present at the handlebar’s center to better track the bike’s motion attributes and battery life.


Since the bike doesn’t come with gear changing options, it can be challenging to change sloped terrains’ speed.

8. Elektron Hybrid Bicycle

If you are looking for a sporty and muscular electric bike, the best model will be Elektron. This particular bike has a hybrid technology, making it perfect for commutes n both mountain trails and urban roads. The electric power is generated from the battery with an output power value of 11.6A.

The maximum distance range you can obtain with this particular bike is around 85 kilometers with one complete battery discharge cycle. The frame is made from alloy material, which makes it extremely lightweight, and hence, you can quickly increase the speed within a few seconds. 


Digital LCD screen present on the handlebar for informing the rider about the stats.
The battery power is enough to supply the energy to the bike till 85 kilometers of transit.
The PU leather saddle is very much comfortable to sit on.


With no gear system, changing the sped will ultimately depend on the pedaling that might strain your legs.

9. Geekay ecobike Electric bicycle

Another well-known bike company in the market is Geekay. Luckily, it has also introduced an incredible electric bike with an aerodynamic frame made from alloy to have better and smooth gliding action. You can detach the battery present in the bike easily, and hence, you will be able to charge it at your convenience. It is based on a 21-speed gear system, where three gears are present at the front while the rear end has seven sacks. 


The wheels are of standard size of 26″ for mountain slope commutes.
7.5 AH capacity of the battery will help you to travel for long distances in one single charging phase.
It has a full throttle accelerating technology, which will push your bike further without having to pedal manually.


The output battery capacity could have a little more for a better range.

10. TOUTCHE HEILEO M100 Electric Mountain Bicycle

This particular mountain bike is one of the most impressive electric two-wheelers you will ever see in the market. The controller present in the bike is fantastic and controls the entire electrical circuit swiftly. The Li-ion battery gives a capacity of 10.4 Ah, which is perfect for attaining a top speed of 25 km per hour. This bike can be used as a regular bike, a pedal-assist electric bike, and a full-throttle bike as per your convenience. 


This bike can travel easily on both flat and inclined terrains, thanks to the powerful motor present.
The aluminum frame keeps the bike lightweight and free of any maneuvering difficulty.
It comes with both the full throttle and pedal-assist system.


The full-throttle system can drain the battery faster, leaving no option other than driving a regular bike.

Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Electric Bicycle In India

What is an electric bike?

Usually, the bicycles work on the mechanical concept, where pedaling the cycle causes the gear ration to change, which further drives the process forward. However, riding these cycles seemed to be more strenuous, especially for those who like to cover large distances on their bicycles. That’s why e-bikes or electric bikes were introduced, and now they are reining the market in India

These bikes have an integrated electric circuit where the power is generated via a battery. You can recharge these batteries numerous times, which is why having e-bikes is cost-effective. The only difference they have with the regular bikes is in the components. The latter one consists mainly of mechanical components that have to be operated manually. But in electric bikes, all the motion-related parts are electrical, and hence, it can use them automatically. 

Benefits Of Electric Bike

With improved bike technology, many riders are thrilled to experience what it likes to ride the best e-bike. This curiosity has led to an increase in demand for these two-wheelers. However, an electric bicycle has become popular due to the thrill it offers and the long list of benefits it has. Here, we have put forth the significant perks of riding an e-bike over the standard technology. 

  1. Pedal-assist system: this is an integrated system present in the e-bikes that help smooth pedaling where you won’t have to put a lot of stress on the legs and knees. The pedal-assist system will also help you ride on rough terrains, like inclined slopes, rocky surfaces, etc. 
  2. Fast two-wheelers: since the wheels get the electrical battery’s power, the e-bikes are secured and easily maneuverable. You can cover extra miles with little to almost no added effort, which is why the electric bikes are perfect for long commutes. 
  3. Helps improve fitness: With the electric bikes, you will improve your posture and develop your fitness regime with no problem. Since you will exercise a lot with this two-wheeler, you won’t have to worry anymore about having an unfit body and mind. 
  4. Reduces the expenses: petrol and diesel motorbikes are preferred in many countries because they are faster and more flexible than regular bicycles. However, driving these bikes usually puts a dent in the savings. This is why you need e-bikes whose output delivery is at par with the motorbikes, and yet you won’t have to spend a lot since the battery is rechargeable. 
  5. Eco-friendly commutes: with no fuel consumption in the bike, the technology has been branded to be eco-friendly, which is why many countries across the world are accepting this next-generation technology.
  6. Wide range of options available: lastly, the electric bikes are available in different options, starting with the battery’s choice to the size, color, and so on. That’s why many riders prefer to have electric bikes rather than regular two-wheelers. 

Type of battery in an electric cycle

The battery is the life source of an e-bike, and hence, before you buy one for yourself, you need to understand the battery options you have in your hand. This will help you to choose the best battery operated bicycle in India as per your convenience of use. 

  1. Lead-acid batteries: these are the cheapest electric bike batteries and readily available in the market. However, the SLA batteries are very fragile, and if exposed to heavy strain, the battery life may wear out sooner than expected. For this reason, if you are planning for long term bike riding, lead-acid batteries wouldn’t be the right choice unless you are running tight on money. 
  2. Nickel-cadmium batters: if you want a battery with a longer lifetime, NiCd batteries will be a perfect choice. These batteries have a greater capacity, which provides more output power. But, nickel is costly, and cadmium is hard to recycle, which is why this battery might not be available in the market in abundance. 
  3. Lithium-ion batteries: the most prevalent battery being used in electric bikes nowadays is the lithium-ion batteries. They have a more extensive lifetime, allowing you to ride the bike for years without thinking about battery replacement. Moreover, the Li-ion batteries’ output capacity is quite impressive, which will help you cover long distances quickly. 
  4. Lithium-ion polymer batteries: the Li-ion polymer batteries can be considered the upgraded version of the standard Li-ion batteries. No liquid element is present in this battery form, which is why it’s safer from explosions, fires, or any damage. It’s still a new concept for the automotive industry. With more advancement, you will soon use Li-ion polymer batteries in India’s e-bikes in abundance. 

How do I operate an electric bike?

Even though the best e-bikes aren’t much different from regular bicycles, the two-wheeler’s working is what sets them apart. In the e-bikes, the battery, electric motor, power transmission system, and wheels are built on a single frame concept. These bikes can be powered in two ways once the battery is switched on- pedal assist and throttle. 

As soon as you power the motor, it will start running, and it will transmit the energy to the wheels, which will start revolving. This will further bring in motion to the bicycle. The bike will continue to move at an accelerating speed if the power to the motor is increased. 

Once you stop the power supply, the motor will stop working. However, due to the velocity, the bike will accumulate some inertia, bringing in further motion in the bike until it comes to rest, with zero inertia and momentum. If the battery gets fully discharged and there is no remnant static charge in the system, you would be able to run the motor and generate electro-mechanical energy. It is during such times that the electric bikes will behave as the regular ones. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Bicycle

Choosing an electric bike is not everyone’s cup of tea. These bikes are costly, and hence, if you are not making the correct choice at your convenience, you will be losing your money and the chance of living a better life. We have discussed some of the essential things you need to consider to buy India’s best electric cycle to help you out.

1. Battery:

The first thing you need to worry about is the battery type of bike. As we have discussed earlier, there are four main categories of e-bike batteries: lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, and lithium-ion polymer batteries. Each of them has its pros and cons, which you need to weigh before deciding the perfect one. 

2. Charging time:

If the battery is rechargeable, you need to choose an electric bike with a standard charging time. Based on the static charge capacity of the storm, the time will vary. But, that doesn’t mean you need one with a huge recharging time. 

3. Display:

Just like with cars, the e-bikes have different kinds of shows. You will have a rectangular box with LED light buttons on it on some bikes, which will blink according to the bicycle’s status. You will see an advanced digital display in some other bikes to display the speed, range, battery power, and other information pieces in a digital format. You will colorful, backlit displays with modern graphics and wireless connectivity features in the most advanced ones. 

4. Controller:

The controller is the central active part of the electric bike, which drives every other part of the vehicle, starting with the wheels to the battery, motor, etc. Based on the same quality and technical specifications, you need to choose an electric bike where the controller has the upper hand on the bike’s motion. 

5. Gears:

Just like with the regular bikes, the e-bikes will also have bags. The available packs present in this bike category are 1, 3, 18, 21, 24, 27, 32, and 40 gears. If your e-bike has more gear options, you will control the bike during downcycling and upcycling easily without any output efforts. 

6. Throttle/Thumb Control:

Three different throttles are there in the electric bikes, namely the thumb throttle, full throttle, and half-twist throttles. The throttle’s choice will vary based on how much power you want to give to the acceleration motor. 

7. Type Of Tyre:

You should also make a note of the tyre type present in the bikes. Ensure that the rubber’s quality is high enough to withstand continuous wear and tear on the rough terrains. The grooves and ridges should be more pronounced to provide a better surface area for pressure distribution. 

8. Cable Harness:

You have to ensure that the cable harness present in the e-bike is of high quality and can sustain tremendous strain. 

9. Suspension:

Suspensions are of different electric bikes, like the rigid suspension, dual suspension, etc. Based on the suspension type, you will have better control of the bike, and the ride’s smoothness will also vary accordingly. 

10. Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

Choose an electric bike with hydraulic disc brakes as they have a closed-circuit system where the dirt can’t restrict the brake’s activity, thereby offering you smooth rides. 

11. Pedal assistant:

The pedal assistant provides the motor’s power where you can operate the pedals easily to bring the motion in the electric bike.


With so many electric bikes right under your nose, it can be a real challenge in choosing the perfect one. This is why first identify your purpose and then decide on a budget range because trust us when we say this. E-bikes are not cheap. Once done, you need to select those bikes that have compelling but functional and efficient features. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can electric bike batteries be repaired?

No, once the battery dies and expires, you won’t repair the storm as these are made from lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium, which are not repairable. So, for the electric bikes with worn out and deal battery, the only option you now have is to replace the battery with a new one. 

2. Can electric bikes be used in the rain?

Yes, You can use the e-bikes during the rainy season. With a rain protecting cover, you can save the battery and the cable wirings. As for the rest of the bike, the frames are made water-resistant, and hence you won’t have to worry about its health. 

3. Can electric bicycles go uphill? 

Yes, electric bikes can go uphill. If there is no gear present, you should operate the bike manually for traversing uphill. But, if the bike has gear settings, you can increase the speed by shifting between gears during the ascent. 

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