7 Best Gear Cycle In India 2022

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Do you love normal road cycling or going on treks on a bicycle? 

If you love cycle trekking and want to discover the off-beat terrains further, you need a proper gear cycle. These cycles come with a mixed combination of both front and rear gear, which operates coordinately, allowing you to shift speed as per the terrain. So, for example, during ascent, a higher gear setting is needed, while you need to reverse the settings for the descent. 

Recently, cycles have become popular as a medium of trekking, especially the trails covering uneven terrains through mountains, forests, etc. There are innumerable cycle models that come with gear combinations of different levels. But to choose the best gear cycle in India, you will need some more information, isn’t it? 

Well, if yes, do not worry further! 

In the below article, we have discussed the top seven geared cycles having different configurations. So, let’s discover what’s so special about these bikes which we have hand-picked for you. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Gear Cycle In India

  1. Gear configuration: The first thing you need to consider is the gear combination present in the bike. Some models come with 21-speed settings, while some have 14-speed config. So, based on what you require for your rides, you need to choose the perfect gear combination. 
  2. Wheel size: The wheel sizes present for the geared bikes are 26”, 27.5”, and 28”. The 26” wheels are the basic with the least traction, while the 28” wheels have the highest traction for overcoming the obstacles. 
  3. Saddle height and features: You need to choose a bike model with an adjustable saddle or a quick release system. This will allow you to change the height at your convenience. 
  4. Brakes: It is very important to check the capacity of the brakes attached to the bike model. In most bikes, disc brakes are present, stopping the motion immediately, thereby preventing the bike from tumble over. 
  5. Suspension: The last factor you need to consider is suspension. There are four major suspension types- rigid suspension, front suspension, rear suspension, and dual suspension.  

Benefits Of Having Gear Cycle

The main benefit of having a geared cycle is that you will shift the speed according to the ascent or descent. This way, you won’t have to put extra effort into pedalling. In addition, the gears will help you cover any trail, starting from the smoother ones to the roughest routes. 

Top 7 Best Gear Cycle In India 2022

1. Make Fat Mountain Sports Bike

Make Fat Mountain Sports Bike is one of the best gear bicycle in India which has a frame made from carbon steel which makes the cycle a little heavyweight. Thanks to the construction, the cycle can endure the obstacles on the terrain like small rock chips, boulders, uneven terrain, and others.

It is equipped with a straight handlebar where the two ends are covered with tight grips. The grip surfaces are rough, which will help you control the cycle despite having clammy hands. 

The iron handlebar consists of the thumb-operated derailleur. In addition, a horn bell is there, which will help you in case you are cycling on the off-beat roads in the cities. The cycle is equipped with 21-speed gear, having a 7X3 combination at the front and rear.

So, you can easily take this bike and discover the trekking routes in case you want to cover the popular trails through changing terrains. Since it’s a sports bike designed specifically for off-beat riding, the frame is equipped with dual suspensions. 

As a result, you will ride comfortably without worrying about shocks and injuries due to the terrain. In addition, the suspensions attached to the rear and front wheels will absorb the shock of impact, thereby ensuring that no harm can come to the cycle frame.


  1. Has a standard 26” wheel size 
  2. Allows to shift speed with a 21-gear combination 
  3. Has dual disc brakes


  1. Has less wheel traction against the terrain 

2. CRADIAC 700C Hybrid Bicycle

Being a hybrid bicycle, the Cradiac bike will allow you to travel on smooth and uneven terrains. Thanks to the 28″ wheel size, the bike has a high traction level, allowing you to easily cross over the small obstacles. Furthermore, no harm will come to the tyres, thanks to the nylon rubber used in manufacturing the tyres.

In addition, the wheel grand has a double-walled rim, which will protect the rim’s interiors from any damage or debt formation. Finally, you have dual disc brakes in this product to help you stop immediately as soon as you apply the brakes. 

The bike is equipped with a 21-gear configuration, having a 7×3 combination. To change the speed, a Shimano thumb derailleur is present. It will help you control the bike speed easily, both during ascent and descent on off-beat roads.

Unfortunately, though, the bike only has front suspension while the rear end is rigid. That’s why you might face some shocks from the rear end when you are riding on the trekking trails. 

But with the front suspension, the bike’s frame is protected against shocks and impacts. In addition, the saddle is made from a hard frame, which will help you sit comfortably while riding the bike. Since you cannot change the saddle’s height, make sure your height is enough to simultaneously control the peddles and the iron handlebar. 


  1. Comes with 28″ wheels for more traction 
  2. Has a mudflap to protect the rear wheels from debris and other obstacles
  3. The side stand is also present to balance the cycle frame on standby 


  1. No adjustment option is available for the saddle

3. AXAN Fat Dual Disc Gear Bicycle

With an 18″ frame, the cycle is made from carbon steel. As a result of the construction, the bike is sturdy and robust. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for bikers who want to travel on dangerous off-beat trails. It has a 26″ wheel frame, handling which is easier for amateurs.

But since it’s not a standard wheel diameter, the traction applied will be less, thereby causing hurdles while crossing over the small rocks and boulders. Like most gear cycles, the product comes with a 21-speed configuration.

At the front, you will have 7 combinations, while at the rear end, it has 3 combinations. You can easily change the speed as per ascent or descent journey with the thumb derailleur. 

Both the front and rear ends are equipped with disc brakes which will help you to control the motion easily. The moment you apply the brake button, the disc brakes will come to a halt, thereby stopping the bike’s momentum forcefully.

In this bike, you will find alloy metal pedals with a high longevity and are easier to rotate. You won’t have to put any extra effort into moving the pedals, thanks to their lightweight construction. Only front suspension is present in the bike, allowing you to prevent the shocks due to riding along an uneven or rough surface terrain. 


  • Comes with a quick-release saddle for changing the height 
  • Has tight, rubber grips on the iron handlebar for better control over the bike
  • Double-walled rims to protect the tyres from the sharp objects


  • No rear suspension is present for mitigating the bumps and jerks

4. Make Road Bike 700 C with 14 Speed

If you are 11 years older or more, with a height between 5.2 feet and 6.2 feet, the ideal geared bike for you is the Make Road Bike 700C. The bike comes with a 14-speed configuration, with a 7×2 combination at the front and rear end, respectively.

You can easily shift the speed according to the terrain on which you are riding. Just make sure to control your bike’s speed during descent when the bicycle automatically gains acceleration due to gravity.

It has a rigid suspension which will help you to control the bike in a better way. However, it would be best to avoid riding on surfaces with too many boulders and rocks since the lack of suspension will cause vibrations in the bike’s frame. 

The bike comes with a thumb shifting derailleur from Shimano, which is of the highest quality in the market. In addition, as the handlebar has a T-shaped design, you can easily steer the bike in different directions without your hands slipping away.

Both the front bad rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes that will help you control the speed and the momentum. Disc brakes allow the rider to stop immediately, thereby saving himself and others from any mishap.

The tyres are made from high-quality rubber, preventing wear and tear, no matter how rough the surface. One of the bike’s best features is the 27″ wheel design, which will generate enough traction to overcome the roadblocks with minimal effort.


  1. Comes with a 14-speed gear configuration for trails
  2. Equipped with a hard saddle with upper cushioned upholstery
  3. Has a T-shaped handlebar for better steering 


  1. Changing speed with thumb derailleur is a bit difficult

5. Geekay Billion 21 Speed Gear Mountain Bicycle

If you want a proper mountain bike, the Geekay Billion model is the ideal choice. The bike is made from a carbon steel frame which increases the stability of the bike. In addition, the frame material has anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties, which enhances the bike’s longevity.

Also, the neon blue paint done on the frame will prevent the bike’s frame from wear and tear. You will have three choices in terms of the wheels- 26″, which is the basic size but has less traction, 27.5″ is the average wheel size, and the 28″ wheels, which are considered the best for the MTB framework. 

As the bike has an aerodynamic property, you will cycle at top speed without dealing with air friction. In addition, such a frame design adds more stability to the bike, especially when you are travelling on off-beat roads.

To protect the tyres, the wheels gave double-walled rims. The design is lightweight and can prevent damages like wear and tear, dent formation, chipping of the edges, etc. In addition, the tyres are wide and made from a thick rubber material, which acts as cushion padding.  

High-quality disc brakes are present in the bike, which will help you stop the bike immediately. The saddle present in the bike is made from soft, cushioned padding with a quick-release system. It will help you in adjusting the height as per your requirement. 


  1. Comes with a mudguard for protecting the rear wheel frames 
  2. Has high-quality grips on the handlebar 
  3. It is equipped with a 21-speed configuration for the gear system


  1. Manoeuvring the bike can be hard since its made from carbon steel

6. HERCULES CYCLES Roadeo Herb Essential fx 200

Hercules is quite a popular brand when it comes to bicycles. And since this model has been upgraded with several new features, you must get it for your adventurous trekking plans. It is made from a carbon steel frame with an aerodynamic design.

This way, you will cut through the air friction if you are riding against the airflow. The product is equipped with 26″ tyres with flat, wide surfaces, applying less pressure on the grounds. Hence, the intensity of wear and tear of the rubber material will be reduced by a great limit.

To protect the tyres, double-walled alloy rims are used to construct the wheels. It will help in preventing damage formations and resist the loss of balance of the bike. The product comes with an 18-speed configuration which will help you to travel on off-beat roads.

Both ascent and descent will become easier, thanks to the speed shifting gear configuration. A suspension fork is present in both the front and rear parts, which will help prevent the forceful impact on the bike’s frame.

In addition, you will feel reduced vibrations, and hence, riding on the cycle will become fun and less scary. The saddle is at proper height compared to the handlebar, thereby ensuring that you can comfortably cycle without having to lean forward to reach the handle. 


  1. Comes with an adjustable saddle having a QR system 
  2. Flat tires will help in reducing the pressure on the ground 
  3. Dual disc brakes are present for better control of the motion. 


  1. No anti-skid pedals are present in the bike

7. Kross Viper 28T Hybrid Bike

Suppose you are looking for a professional geared bike. In that case, no other model can ever surpass the beauty of the Kross Viper hybrid bike. With this, you will travel on smooth city roads and uneven terrains located in off-beat places.

The bike has a slim design that comes with aerodynamic features. As a result, you will be able to prevent air friction and increase your speed easily without putting much effort into pedalling. In addition, the pedals are covered with an anti-skid material coating which will prevent your feet from slipping from the pedal surfaces. 

To help you regain control of your bike, dual disc brakes are attached to the front wheels. These brakes are popular since they can stop the motion immediately, no matter what the bike’s momentum is.

The wheels are 28″, which will generate a high amount of traction to ensure that you can cross the obstacles and smaller rocky debris easily without fearing the well-being of the tyres. In addition, the tyres are protected by double-walled allow rims.

A mudguard is also present so that the rocks and pebbles don’t cause harm to the rear wheel rims. The bike comes with a 21-speed configuration which will help you both in ascent and descent without causing any problem. Besides, you have a thumb derailleur to set the desired speed and cover the trails with ease. 


  1. Has a steel frame for increased bike stability 
  2. It is equipped with wire brakes at the rear, which requires less maintenance
  3. Rigid suspension to maintain the frame’s stability on smooth roads


  1. Grips in the handlebar have a smoother surface which will reduce the friction force


We have described seven top geared cycles that you can find in the market. But you need to choose only the best product which will suit your requirement. So, ensure that you are studying the configurations carefully so that the chosen product can help you explore the city roads and the off-beat trek routes. 


  1. Which gear is best for cycling?

    21-speed is the best gear configuration for the cycles since it will help change the speed for any terrain. 

  2. Is the gear cycle better than the normal cycle? 

    If you plan to travel on offbeat roads, the geared bikes are the best since they will easily shift the speed without pedalling.

  3. Can we add gear to the normal cycle? 

    No, you cannot add gear to the normal cycles unless the product has room for adding the gears in both the front and rear wheels. 

  4. Which cycle is faster, gear or gearless? 

    Gear cycles are much faster since they will help you change the speed according to your riding terrain. 

  5. Is single-speed better than gears?

    The single-speed might need less maintenance, but they require more pedalling efforts when riding on uneven terrains. 

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