9 Best Hybrid Bicycle in India 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Hybrid Bicycle In India
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

With bicycles being one of the most common and affordable means of two-wheeler commute, we often see innovations in the cycle industry. One such impressive innovation is the invention of hybrid cycles.

Top 9 Best Hybrid Bicycle in India 2021

1. Firefox Bikes Voya 700C Hybrid Cycle

The Firefox Voya 700C is a single-speed hybrid cycle with a lightweight alloy frame. This cycle segment is City/Hybrid, and you can use it for general commuting on city roads and fitness purposes. 

It comes with neatly welded tubes that can absorb more than enough vibration from the riding surface to give you added comfort and overall a better riding experience. Despite being a city hybrid cycle, it can still handle hard bumps on the road’s surface due to its thin but strong steel rigid fork, locking the wheel and keeping it in one position. The 700x35C Wanda tires on this Voya cycle make it fast and slick and one of the best options for city hybrid cycles.


Comfortable and lightweight thanks to the alloy frame
Power V-brakes provides strong stopping power
Fast and smooth-rolling 700x35C tires


Handlebar grips of the cycle come with less cushioning

2. Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle

The next on this list is a mountain hybrid bike that is fit for trail cycling and comes at an affordable price point. The Cosmic Trium has a steel frame making it highly resilient as well as durable. 

It comes with impressive 21-speed Shimano transmission gears equipped with thumb shifters placed at a convenient place on the cycle that can be easily accessible. The ZOOM 160mm mechanical disc brakes of this hybrid cycle provide moderate stopping power but are not that efficient during downhill braking. 


Front suspension shows a high-quality performance
Budget MTB bicycle 
Aesthetic graphics on the frame 


Gear transmissions are no that smooth

3. TRIAD X4 700c 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle

The Triad comes with a sturdy and lightweight full alloy frame. The geometry of this hybrid cycle facilitates additional comfort and enough aggressiveness to cover rough mountainous terrains. This bike’s design is quite an eye-catching one with a matte finish paint of black as the primary color and orange accents. 

This is a 21-speed hybrid cycle with a front derailleur of Shimano Tourney TZ30 3-speed and a rear derailleur Shimano Tourney TZ50 7-Speed. The Shimano trigger shifters offer quick and precise gear shifting for easy operation. Moreover, the mechanical disc brakes are adept in properly stopping the bike in both wet and dry conditions.

The X4 Triad comes with a pair of 700x35C Wanda tires which is perfect for long rides on smooth and rough roads. The tread pattern on the wheels provides enough traction to ensure safe and convenient commuting on wet roads. The suspension fork ensures the absorption of vibrations from rough roads of urban India with ease. It also has a lockout feature that allows the rider to lock the suspension on smooth city roads and go much faster.


Alloy frame makes the cycle lightweight and easy to maneuver
The saddle has enough cushioning with PU foam to provide sore-free long rides
Lock-out feature in the front suspension


The front derailleur needs a little tweaking to make them shift smoothly like the rear ones.

4. Omobikes 1.0 Light weight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes is known for making a few of India’s lightest cycles, and this product is no different. Weighing in less than 13 kilograms, the Omobikes 1.0 comes with a stylish and durable exterior with an aesthetic black paint job. 

It is a single-speed hybrid cycle ideal for city commuting on smooth and bump-free roads. It comes with a plastic mudguard to prevent dirt and water from getting on the rider. The frame of the cycle is made of high-tensile and lightweight steel, while the rims are made of alloy to maintain the product’s high strength. Being a single-speed bike has no gears, which further reinforces its low weight but makes it inept to be ridden on rougher or hilly terrains. 


Puncture-resistant tires
Adjustable and comfortably cushioned seats
Comes at an affordable price


Poor shock-absorption makes it a bit less efficient for rough Indian roads.

5. Btwin 85034B Bicycle

Btwin My Bicycle is one of the most affordable hybrid bikes on this list. It is another single-speed bicycle with a steel frame for more strength and durability. It has a simple and soft white exterior with minimal writings on the body. 

The bike comes with a 44x18T gear ratio, quintessential for single-speed hybrid bikes when commuting on city roads. However, the rider must put in a bit of extra effort while riding uphill as it is not the easiest to climb uphill with this cycle. Amidst all the innovations and advancements in the cycling world, single-speed bicycles like this one still prove to be the ultimate choice for providing a simple cycling experience.

One of the best components of this cycle is its Ralson Semi-Slick 26 x 2.0 tires which provide enough grip to facilitate smooth riding on flat muddy roads. However, the rider might feel jolts and rattles on a bumpy road which is quite expected out of a bike fully made of steel.


The handlebar is at a comfortable length
Tires are threaded and sturdy
Gives you the most value for your money


Breaking is quite unreliable while riding at faster speeds

6. NINETY ONE Defeatr Pro 29T 21 Speed Hybrid Bike

The Ninety One Defeatr Pro 29T is a 21-speed hybrid cycle with a high-tensile steel exterior frame. This MTB by Ninety One has a set of mechanical disc brakes for superior stopping powers with less hand strength, especially while riding at higher speeds.

The Deafetr Pro comes with a 91 Suspension Fork with a travel of 80 mm, which is ideal for entry-level MTB. The front suspension is skillful at taking in most of the vibrations that occur on bumpy roads and provide a smoother ride making it ideal for riders who want a bike for flat trail riding. The 29″ x 2.4″ tires provide adequate traction for a safer and more comfortable ride.


Ultimate beginners bike
Double-wall alloy rims provide the best strength to weight ratio


No such notable cons

7. Mach City Munich Single Speed 700X35C Bike/Bicycle

The frame of this cycle has been made from a hybrid steel frame. However, the welding of the cycle frame and its design has allowed it to become lightweight instead of the traditional heavy steel frames. The overall geometry of the bike facilitates an upright and comfortable riding position.

Being a single-speed cycle, it is perfect for leisure riding and commuting but requires extra effort while riding on elevated roads like flyovers. The Alloy V brakes that come with this Mach City Munich provide sufficient stopping power for riding in cities. However, the rider might need to put in extra support while stopping on slippery and wet surfaces. 

The Ralson 700x35C hybrid tires that come with this bike have good treading and provides enough traction for steady and balanced rides even o bumpy surfaces. The front-wheel comes with quick release fitting, which simplifies removing the wheel and putting it back on. This bike is equipped with a comfortable and soft foam saddle whose height can be easily adjusted as it comes with a quick-release option.


Wide handlebars for improved maneuverability
Adjustable seat height
Comfortable riding position


Quick Release is absent on the rear wheel

8. Hercules Roadeo A250 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

ThisThe Roadeo range of hybrid cycles was initially ideal for teenagers and young adults to commute to their respective schools, colleges, and universities. However, with the introduction of Roadeo A250, Hercules’ target group has expanded to adults as well.

Being an MTB, this hybrid cycle focuses on being lightweight and sturdy and thus incorporates alloy in its frame. It comes with front and rear derailleurs from Shimano as well as Shimano trigger shifters. This means that you can expect seamless transmission from gear to gear without any viable lag.

The Shimano Easy Fire EF-51 Brake levers that come equipped in this bike provide enough stoppage power to stop the cycle with very little effort completely. Moreover, wide XMR 600 mm handlebars give a more ‘open chested’ position to the riders. 


Soft and comfortable PU XMR saddle
Impressive maneuverability due to wide handlebars
Aesthetic design


Requires extra effort to stop the cycle in wet conditions

9. Montra Trance Pro 700X35C 21 Speed Super Cycle

The Montra Trance Pro comes equipped with a strong aluminum alloy frame. The cycle gives you a smooth cycling experience with its flat and rigid fork. It comes with two variants, a blue variant and a red one.

It is a 21-speed cycle with Shimano Altus shifters and Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs. The Seyoun 700x35C tires that come with this cycle provide satisfactory rolling in both wet and dry conditions. Moreover, the double-walled XMR alloy rims give enough strength to the cycle to withstand the rider’s weight and luggage.


Brakes are quite responsive
Tires provide adequate traction and are fast rolling
Comes with four frame sizes


The frame is a bit heavy

Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Hybrid Bicycle In India

What is Hybrid Bicycle?

Hybrid bicycles are a mixture of different bicycles for specialized roads such as mountain bikes and common commuting and touring bikes. These bikes characteristics are amalgamated and incorporated into a single cycle that gets the name ‘hybrid’ cycle. These cycles usually have flat and straight handlebars for improved visibility and upright seats, which provide comfort and help the rider maintain good posture. Moreover, they have alloy frames, which are lightweight, paired with thin wheels and smooth tires for better control.

Benefits of Hybrid Cycle

There are various types of hybrid cycles, and their inherent benefits differ for this reason. While some hybrid cycles are made to enhance comfort, some can also be optimized for sports and fitness. The common benefit that it can find in most hybrid bikes is the versatility of it. Due to the combination of characteristics of different bicycles, you can easily ride hybrid cycles on smooth surfaces and rougher ones, along with a wide variety of terrains. It allows you to reach very high speeds on smooth city roads while still providing added stability and support while riding on uneven mountainous terrain.

Things to Consider Buying a Hybrid Cycle

  • Gears: You can find a wide range of gears in hybrid cycles. If you plan to travel rougher terrains, then you should opt for a bike with more gears. However, if you will travel on only flat terrain, you can go with gearless single-speed bikes.
  • Suspension: Bikes made for commuting on paved roads usually don’t include any suspension forks as they make paddling inefficient by adding additional weight. Some hybrid bikes have front suspension forks to absorb vibrations on rough streets.
  • Frame material: The bike’s frame material decides if the bike will be lightweight or strong and durable. Frames made of aluminium are quite light and affordable, while those made of steel are heavier but more durable and offer a smoother ride.
  • Fenders:  These will keep the grime and debris from splashing on the riders, especially on wet roads.
  • Seat: Before buying your bike, read reviews and ensure that the seat is cushioned well and is adjustable.


These were some of the best Hybrid Cycles you can find in India. As these cycles have many varieties, each bearing different features and components, you have to make sure that you first determine the purpose of the cycle, as in which roads you are planning to travel and how long you will usually ride it for and then buy the ideal cycle for you. 

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