7 Best Mountain Bike In India 2021

best mountain bike in india
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Suppose you are a risk-taker and get a tremendous amount of adrenaline rush while cycling over the mountain. In that case, you will need the best mountain bike in India that supports the thrill. You would want a perfect bike that will let you drive up to any terrain, regardless of its rough roads or steep slopes.

Different cycles are designed according to different types of trails. For enjoying cycling in areas of jungle and mountain, you need a mountain bike. These bikes contain all the features that will help you go swiftly over the track. But it is not an easy task to select the ideal mountain bike among multiple options serving different features. To make your work easy, we have led down some features that you must look at in your bike. 

Things to Look while buying mountain bike in India

Following are the features that you must look at in your mountain bikes:

  • Size of the wheels
    One of the main things you need to consider while buying a mountain bike for yourself is the wheels’ size. The wheels’ size determines how effortless the bike would roll on a rough surface. The different sizes you will find in mountain bikes include 24 inches, 29 inches, and 27.5 inches. 
  • Suspension
    Another important thing that you must consider is the type of suspension the bike holds. This is because the bike’s suspension determines what type of surface the bike will perform its best. The suspension forks provide full support to the trail riding as the wheel moves up and down while moving forward. Moreover, it helps the bike to stay in contact with the ground in all conditions. You have an option in choosing the type of suspension you want, like the hardtail, rigid, and full suspension. 
  • Gears of the mountains
    Gears have a very important role to play in bikes. You will find MTB in single-speed and gear that varies between 22 to 30, which allows you to ride on different types of terrain. You must select the number of the gear according to the surface you are riding on at the moment. If it’s the right gear, it will offer an excellent grip and traction. 
  • Frame materials
    Frame material is an important aspect to look into when selecting the right MTB. It determines the weight, strength, and durability of the bulk. On top of this, it is available in four types: carbon fibre, aluminium, steel, and titanium. Among all the available options, people mostly go for aluminium. 
  • Pedals
    Every rider wants their bike’s pedal to work flawlessly to avoid interruption while riding. Advanced bikers personally like clipped or clipless pedals in their cycle because they are seamless to secure. However, if you are a professional stuntman, you may need flatter pedals with a large surface area.
  • Brakes
    Another important thing you must not ignore while selecting the best mountain bike in India. Some bikes have disk brakes, while others have rim brakes. If you are taking disk brake, you will also get the benefit of brake pads. These are mainly either hydraulic brakes or cable-activated brakes. Now talking about the rim brakes, they come with pads that hold the wheel. 
  • Budget
    Besides unique features and different functionality available in a bike, the other thing that matters the most is the budget. You can expect to get a good standard mountain bike in the range of 6000 to 2000 range. You can select the bike according to the limit your budget permits. 
  • Brand of the bike
    It is not enough to only look at the functionality because in many conditions, to get a lot of function at a lower rate, you get a cheap product. So it is wise to consider the brand of the bike too that you are planning to purchase. Also, make sure the product comes with a warranty card. 

Top 7 Best Mountain Bike In India 2021

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

Nothing can beat Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike when finding India’s best mountain bike. It is a high-performing bike for enduring performance. It is best for athletes, fitness freaks, young enthusiasts, and individuals. 

The mountain bike height measures about 5 to 6 feet with a tire size of 26 inches. Additionally, the frame size is 18 inches, so you can expect the bike to have long-term quality scurry. Moreover, it also ensures that the bike provides you with a stable performance every time, even if you are riding it on an uneven surface. Besides, the product contains a single-speed gearbox which gives the cycle an old sake and quality look. 

The bike also has a V-type brake for providing both rear and front brake benefits. Moreover, the frame is made from steel-type material, and the suspension is rigid. The product also has an anti-skid property, so it will help you have a proper grip while riding.  


Best grip.
Easily affordable.
No gear to provide an easy ride to adults.


No mudguard

2. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

Suppose you want your bike to be a sleek, trendy, fashionable, yet top-performing cycle. In that case, Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle is the ideal product for you. The hashtag will help you conquer every road and every trail where you ride. It is very lightweight, i.e., just 15 kg, and contains dual disc brakes. The double-disc brake, one in the front and the other in the rear, help you ensure quick and safe braking. 

One of the fantastic things about the product is that it is equipped with adjustable saddle height. Further, the saddle height has an extremely attractive grip, wide tires, and quick release.

Apart from this, you can assemble about 85% of the bike, and it is ideal for those with a height group of 5 to 5.7 feet.


Adjustable seat.
A perfect option for 12+.
Value for money.


It can warp easily.

3. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle is one of the sturdiest and durable products you will get. The product’s frame is made up of steel-type material and offers great stability to its rider.

 Moreover, the mountain bike is equipped with a mechanical disc brake that gives power braking. There is also a feature of a double-wall rim to provide extra strength. The company will deliver the cycle to you semi-assemble, and you have to assemble around 85% of it. 

Furthermore, the product has a front suspension of 60mm that will provide you excellent ride on a rough surface. The product has a frame size of 17 inches and a tire size of 27.5 inches, thus ideal for anyone above 13 years. 

You will also benefit from the first free service, which you can book online whenever you require a service. The individual will offer you bike tune-up, brake wire grease, and lubrication, air pressure checkup, and Chain degrease and lubrication in the service. 


Free first service.
Smooth suspension.


No carrier attached.

4. 29 INCH Mountain Bicycle

This is another top-performing mountain bike that you can consider. The product is made from good quality material and is highly durable. It has both a stylish look and versatile usage to fit the needs of every biker. The product comes with an 18-inch MTB steel frame to give you flawless performance on a rough road.

On top of this, the bike has a dual disc brake system to provide you with the most control over your braking system. The cycle also has 44 teeth crankset and double alloy rim, so your ride does not get compromised on a rough surface.

Moreover, the cycle comes with a wide handlebar for perfect grip and a 29-inch wheel size for people who ranges from 5 to 6 feet. 


Dual disc brake.
Durable for long rides.
Steel frame.


Not suitable for uphill.

5. Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed Adventure Sports Mountain Bike

Dexter Mountain Bike is a great MTB that also falls under the economic range. The product has a wonderful aluminium frame that is not heavy nor too light. So you do not have to worry about its performance on rough terrain; it works flawlessly. 

Not only this, you can count on its durability and its front suspension to make every ride easy. 

Many bikers worry about the cycle’s weightit must be such that it provides an excellent performance off-road. The bikers don’t want it to be too light as it will bounce very hard when it hits a rock. They also don’t want it to be too heavy to make it hard for them to control it. This is what the product keeps in mind and provides you with the appropriate weight that you want. 

Moreover, the bikes come with a wheel size of 26 inches, ideal for people whose height ranges from 5 to 6.2 feet. 


High-performing brakes.
Both for tall and short riders.
Durable rear gear.
Aluminium frame.


Some biker may prefer a heavier cycle.

6. Leader Scout MTB 26T Men’s Mountain Bicycle/Bike

The bike is perfect for those who are looking for durable, high-quality mountain bikes for themselves. The product has a super-strong steel frame with an ergonomic design to ensure that you get a comfortable ride every time. There is also a high grip handlebar to provide you with the benefit of easy riding position through rubber grips in rough terrain.

Moreover, the bike also comes with a height-adjustable PU saddle with the feature of a reinforced plastic shell. So, you can easily adjust the saddle to make your sitting is comfortable as per your height. 

The bike is also equipped with an efficient braking system for high ease and maintenance. It is specifically designed to provide proper braking control on every type of surface. 

Apart from this, the product has high-quality rubber tyres for longer life and a tread design for better traction. You also get a protective chainguard for extra safety.


Efficient braking system.
Rubber handlebar.
High-quality tyre.


Some rider may prefer a lighter frame.

7. Omobikes Manali G7

Omobikes Manali G7 is another top-performing mountain bike available in India. It is specifically designed for off-road biking and has excellent trail performance. The efficient geometry and the product’s tube design make it the lightest bicycle in this segment, along with the sturdiness of steel.  

What attracts most of the buyers is the bike is accessorized with a seven-speed gear train. This feature makes it flexible for all types of terrain, including urban, off-road, or steep inclines. 

Plus, the product has a high-quality 60mm suspension, making it very comfortable for the riders to ride it on rough roads. It also has a dual disc brake giving the product excellent superior performance and safe ride. Apart from this, the product also has the benefit of adjustable seat height. 


Adjustable seat.
Seven-speed gear.
High-quality product.


It does not have a bell


The products mentioned above are the top 7 best mountain bikes available in India. They all give high-performance, greater durability, and efficient rolling. But, they may differ because of features like an adjustable seat, frame, and tyre size. Make sure you choose the one that matches your height and the surface you plan to ride on. However, our editor’s pick is Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle because of its excellent performance, lightweight, and the advantage of adjusting seat level.

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