How To Convert Bicycle into Electric Bicycle India

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Currently, many industry leaders are focusing on different styles of bicycles for the significant market growth opportunity. As per experts, electric bicycles approximately incur 98% less carbon footprint than normal cars. The earliest popular period for these products in the overall market was in the later-1990s to early-2000s. 

Electrically-powered options have been growing in popularity in different parts of the world. Manufacturers and regular citizens in India are focusing on converting generic bicycles into customized bikes. Notably, the electric bicycle industry production rates mostly rely on regular citizens, although factory-made options are also available.

In this article, you would learn more about the process of making these conversions. 

Reason for the increased demand for electric bicycle conversion 

Consumers demand these transportation devices due to the ease of use, comfort level, and freedom of movement. Moreover, with the increasing focus on environmentally safer alternatives, electric bicycles are more eco-friendly options. 

Also, another factor that is contributing to the increased focus on electric bicycle production is the lack of multiple traffic-related problems. Unlike cars, people can pass through busy roads while avoiding congestion and still move at swift pacing. 

These options would cause less pollution, navigate through heavy traffic, and are simple to park. Plus, more consumers are making, buying, or using electric bikes to reduce peak period traffic congestions in major cities.

How to convert bicycles into electric-controlled bikes 

Indian customers are increasingly focusing on this type instead of relying only on regular pedal-centric bicycles. The following are the main factors you need to focus on to create electric bicycles from conventional ones. 

Purchase a motor kit 

For turning bicycles into electric bikes, many amateur manufacturers utilize a generic front-wheel-related hub motor kit. The main varieties of this in the market are rear motors, front motors, and mid-drive motors. Additionally, they differ in power levels and weight types. 

Many experts suggest using the low-power option of front drive for the installation. But, overall, this motor kit is useful in most types of bicycles in the context of easy conversion. 

Consider the battery power. 

Before beginning the conversion process, experts suggest understanding the type of voltage battery one needs. Typically, 24-36 V batteries are suitable inexpensive options. However, higher voltage batteries would increase the overall budget of the conversion process and the cost of other parts, too. 

List the additional parts to use

Generally, manufacturers need particular items for this conversion, like nuts/bolts, motors, controllers, throttle, and chains. In addition, there is an importance of copper-made cables, screw-operated clamps, and different shapes of washers. 

Attach parts to the controller 

For the conversion, you need to connect the throttle and the motor with the controller. Next, attach the batteries and join them with the controller as well. Afterwards, take the motor and fasten it to the bicycle frame. Again, experts utilize clamps for this step. 

Following this, the users properly fit the throttle at the handlebars, take the throttle wires, and fix them to the controller. Again, most experts recommend focusing on the wire placement carefully to avoid the system from damage. 

Test the bicycle 

Before driving the re-formatted bicycles, the manufacturers test their efficacy. Here, turning the bicycle over and switching the throttle on is effective. 

During the testing phase, noticing some mistakes or wrongful connections is possible. Therefore, it is important to verify the connections and wiring multiple times to know if it is properly working. 


In some parts of both rural and urban communities, the conversion of conventional bicycles to bikes have noticed a hike. However, it still does not have huge popularity in the market yet. 

The rate is increasing, and it is expected that the demand would jump highly within a few years. In the meantime, you can turn your pre-existing bicycles to create eco-friendly and fast electric-powered versions.

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