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I am 30+ and never learnt cycle before. I want to learn cycle. I searched for cycle riding school online but did not get any. Any suggestions for learning? thanks

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Hi There!

My honest suggestion is just get a cycle and start riding, period. You can solicit a bit of help from a friend, but it shouldn't be necessary and forget about gears to start with.

Learning to ride a cycle should be a 10 minute job for you. Ain't you are 30+? Its difficult for kids but for you, its of course not. 


get a bicycle of righht size 

start pedaling 

if you fall leg will stop u from falling

should not take more than hour ifyou have approx 500 sq ft of area

larger area allows to move easily 

if you ha

Just Buy A Suitable Cycle and Get on it in crowd free area....
It might look like stupid thought but believe me when you will do this and learn riding in no time, you will not just enjoy cycling, it will boost your confidence a lot....
All the best.
P.S. There is no age for learning anything. So forget you are 30+ if that's getting in your way.

Hi Dipa, have you managed to learn to cycle yet? Which part of Mumbai do you reside in? If it anywhere close to Worli/Marine Drive - we'll be happy to help you learn by supplying you a bicycle for one hour every Sunday morning. is our website - our aim is to promote cycling in cities - especially for women. Please message me offline or use the contact form on the website and we can work out a way to help you.



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