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Hi, I am a new member on this forum.

Have been going thru all the threads regarding bikes in the 10k bracket and finally decided to go in for the RR 5.0 based on some positive reviews and recommendations.

This is my 1st bike in around 15 years. The last was an atlas goldline that I used during my schooling.

I ordered it from LifeCycle Pune and got it delivered on saturday.

I am pleasantly surprised by the new 'body art' on my RR5.0.

The decathlon site displays the bike with a different art.

It's looks really sleek functional and  to the point.

No jazz no nonsense.....& I love it.

Pic's below.

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Hi Amit,

Nice to see your rockrider pics.I must admire this bike and even i am also looking to buy this one pretty soon.As i stay in delhi, so have to order online through decathlon.

How is the riding quality of it? I am 6 feet so just want some clarification from your side.

Overall, a good short review and congrats for your new bike.

Keep riding, stay fit..


hi Amit,

congrats for ur nice bike, its looks very decent. how much u paid for this grate bike?

Thank's, As I said it's a no frills bike...just prefect for my current requirement.

I am around 5,11 so went for the Large frame and it suites me fine.

Prior to ordering this bike I rode my friends Schnell Master and the RR's ride feels just fine. (In fact the ride on both bikes felt fine.)

The RR feels 'light' in comparison to the Schnell (which has front and rear shocks).

I will add a more detailed review once I have put in enough km's on this bike.

I paid Rs 10,300 (lock & stand included).

That's the 2012 model that you've got. That's why the different stickering. Mine is a 2011 model with the b'Twin sticker. 

Hey Aditya,

Thats a nice bike you have brother.:-)

I am also about to buy this beauty pretty soon.How is the overall experience you had with this?



Thanks Nitesh.

My experience with this bike so far has been excellent. It's simple looking and not too flashy - just how I want it to be. It seems well built and durable.  The components used are of good quality. The brakes work well even in the wet. The gripshift is not the greatest but gets the job done and I've never missed a gear. The bike is not very fast, but good if you ride at a steady pace. 

Accessories I've added are a rear light (most important since I ride very early in the morning when it is dark), a bottle cage and a cycle computer. Helmet and pump are obviously there too. A stand will be added this week. 

Overall, the bike is easily the best buy in the 10K bracket. Well worth the investment. 

Thanks Aditya for your revert.

Good to know your experience.I think i will also buy this one sooner than later as i want a good decent bike under 10k and this is something which comes in a mind first.

Will buy and then will review it too.

Look forward to discuss with you further in future,

Thanks again mate for your kind help.

Happy riding and stay fit.


Hey everyone,

Just a small concern. I am going to buy rockrider 5.0 tomorrow from Mumbai.

But then as you know 2012 model does not have the btwin sticker.

My Concern:

Can I be assure that this is the b'twin bike - without a b'twin sticker ?

Don't worry about that Swapnil. See the international b'Twin website. The new 5.0 comes with a Rockrider sticker, not b'Twin.

Hi All


Loved the pictures of the bike.Even me a novic to the cycling world.Want to try it out though i consider myself fit.

Where do i shop around in mumbai for the rockrider 5.0 since thats in my budget range considering i would be ridding a cycle after almost 15 years.

Whats the current price of the same going around in the market.Any groups i can join around borivali area for weekend cycling?

Hi Anup, this is the place which had few rockrider 5.0 still at their shop 2 weeks ago. they are selling it at Rs. 10550. You can call them and confirm the availability.

I purchased it 2 weeks ago from marine lines shop.

Thanks Swapnil.Will make a visit there.Hows Robin Hood for ennty level considering they are well priced lower then btWin.



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