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Hi all,
Some one told me Raleigh cycles are available here as well - is that true? IF so whats the cost of the cheapest raleigh? (MTB/Roadbike, anything goes).
I am sure even the cheapest foreign-brand is going to be far superior than the indian TI/Hero /TRASH/.
Of course, any comments by owners about their rad bikes are welcome :-D

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Reply by Rahul A. Mulani 15 minutes ago
we at gear the bike shop have derailluers, and shifters, and cables. all shimano.

Rahul ...!!!

Can u pls give Full address ?
you said tiny wheels got worn out.. that is something a common complaint..but then after how many kms of riding approx did the damage happen...
I have seen the red 70k bicycle at Hypercity. I myself am not too impressed with the way the sales people behave there. I went there once to look for a water bottle and some other stuff. These guys are only interested if you are going to spend a lot of money. I don't remember the other item I had gone looking for, but those guys were not interested in spending time with me to help find it. Irritated, I just left.

By the way, those tiny derailleur wheels do not really contribute in a mojor way, and I have been simply oiling them to keep turning with the chain. Never needed to change them.

Also, installation of gears is pretty easy. Adjusting cable tension takes some time, and then you are good to go.
I got the install done from the Hero local dealer shop [from where i bought the cycle 2 years back] .. Rs 200 for labour only. I was not happy. Then I went to another cycle shop in Malad . He said the new chain replaced by the mechanic was not the right one . and he did a good job. He also charged Rs 150 or Rs 200 .plus new chain cost Rs 100.This mech claims he has been doing this type of work for about 17 years[ I did not understand but the Result was fine]
I do not have the skill to do my self.
Both these guys struggled for 2 hours [on two independent occasions] for the setting .

The Tiny wheels after they wear out cause chain slipping in Slope climbing . It is a little frightening and irritating
at hypercity malad, there's a guy named deepak, who's good... he's one of the assemblers in the cycle section... seems knowledgeable... and came across as quite a decent sort. :)
The Tiny wheels got worn out after about 15000 Kilometres
how many speed was the set and how much did u pay for the gear set please, regards carl
This spare part was rear wheel's gear = Six Gears and Derailiure ;Total was Rs798/=
Hi Jan,

Raleigh cycles are available in India at Hypercity Argos stores. They are the only ones who are currently marketing the Raleigh range in India.

The lower end of the range starts from Rs 4000 and goes on right up to Rs 1,29,000.

The lower-end cycles are ok... costing around 4K, 5K, 10K... but there could be some issues with the gears, although they come from the Shimano range. The mid-range ones at 18-20K are better performers, but if you are planning to invest that much, then I'd recommend you dont go for a Raleigh; you'd be much better off with a Firefox / Trek.

Keep riding. Have fun.

Thanks for the responses everybody!!

Ok so the verdict seems to be : low end bikes are OK and good value for money!

Can anyone here tell me how is Raleigh 3700 MTB ?

I'm planning for it. Specs are great at that price and you can chek specs from suncoss bikes or choosemybicycle.

I'm preferring this over Btwin Rockrider 540.
please share your thoughts on this.



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