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Hi Guys, 

Another discussion on which bike to buy?

But wait i have lot of details to give !

Okay from childhood i was fond of bikes, i was good rider - heck i could do stunts. Then i grew up ! and lost all touch.

But recently that inherent love for bikes is back ! and i am desperate to buy a new bike.

first up a brief abt me - i am on the over weight side ! so i need a bike which can take a good chunk of weight - say almost 110 kgs.

Secondly i am planning to cycling at the following places, Pavement with potholes, dirt trails, pavement up and down climbs with potholes (these climbs are as high as 15 to 20 feet) 

Initially i will travel for half hour a day and then increase it to arnd 20 km per day and then much more and then even a intercity cycle trip.

So any suggestions?

Some have told me go for MTB, and after some research which i may add is not that well done - ppl have recommended the following

1. Hercules Rodeo A300 

2. Dart 2.6 (21 speed)

3. Hero Octane (though many have told me the build of that is bad)

Pls advice on the same, but pls remember this may not be my first bike, but it is my first after a long time - i have not done cycling since last 12 years. 

My Budget is 10 to 12 K !

So let the answers roll in !

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yes.. you can go for an MTB.. coz ..your real motive is fitness.. in that case.. i would suggest an MTB & as well as a hybrid... (Coz u ride both on road and off road) .. I would recommend a Hercules Act 110 (hybrid) for 11k which has got an alloy frame and light weight compared to others.. from the reviews i heard its a nice bike...and i even test rode on it ! came out good and shine..  or else.. for starters... i would highly recommend a B'twin rockrider 5.0 at 10k ..( i would have gone with this model if i were you) coz..btwin 's buildup quality is just great.. they serve you better also.. if you're so sure about an MTB..well.. i would say its.. Hercules Ryders neo/Firefox cyclone ..don't buy a bike with cheap rear suspension.. btw.. do not buy octane coz its quality is so bad.. and always go for a hardtail/hybrid one like btwin rr5.0 ! ..decide accordingly..

Get a hybrid, NOT a mtb, you are not going to ride on mountains

This is what you may use a MTB for -

Do not get any of those 3, they may have looks but that's all

Simple diamond frames are dont even need gears

Look at schwinn hybrids, a bit above the budget but they will last

@karan.. i would have suggested a Schwinn hybrid.. but look at his budget dude! ..he need to add extra 6k atleast to get that.. ..anyway.. b'twin rock rider 5.0 will suite him better!

poor people can afford to buy things only once :p

hi guys,


acha i dont knw whether this makes a difference but my height is 6 feet.


plus i stay in a mountainous area but with pavement roads. n at times dirt roads.


karan some one told me uphill would require gears...n harish thanks fr more options will check them out.

guys my budget is very stingent ..i can add max 1 k more.

@bharat..dude.. buy a btwin rockrider 5.0 @ 10k.. even i am a 6 footer..and the vehicle will serve u good..if a act 110....both are hybrid vehicles..(both on roads and on mountains!)

Hi harish,

I may be going little off from topic but just want to know is rockrider 5.0 fit enough for you as you are 6 feet and so do i .

I am looking to buy this one as it suits my budget but little confused about my height.I weight around 75 Kgs and my height is 6 feet.Any back problem u faced?Where do you stay?Will it work fine on roads?

Eagerly Looking forward for your revert.



Hi nitesh,

rockrider was my first and the best choice but problem with it is its availability in mumbai and its service. if your outside mumbai and have local dealer who has rockrider go for it.

its good for ur height and ur weight so dnt worry about it. i wud suggest go for rockrider 5.1 or 5.2 bcz that give aloy body. 5.0 has a steel body

i finally took firfox target and it treats me well. we big guys will always have some back problem - so would suggest to either have rest handle or may b even explore 29' tyres. (thought i dont think thats advisable as it 29ers dont give tht much pace and also require more effort)

Hey Bharat,

Thanks alot for your rvevert.This really helped in making my mind.

I think i will stick to 5.0 as it fits into my budget and steel body is ok with me and i think it has no suspension so that will work fine with steel body.

I stay in Delhi and there are dealers who can order 1 for me from decathlon bangalore.

Thanks again mate for your kind advice.

You need a hybrid. Stay away from the 3 bikes you've mentioned, they may not take your weight.

The ACT 110 has a serious seatpost clamp issue. Do not buy it.

Personally, I would recommend you to save up for a few months and get a Schwinn Sporterra. Trust me, you won't regret it.

P.S. Whatever the terrain, if you are not riding at very high speeds (30 km/h+) on these "potholed" roads, however bad they might be, you DO NOT NEED an MTB. A hybrid makes more sense as it is more efficient and lighter.



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