Gear Cycle Price Below 3000 In India 2021

gear cycle price below 3000
(Last Updated On: June 15, 2021)

Out of all parts of a cycle, the gears play an essential role in making your rides smoother and swifter. Usually, the bicycles have bags starting from one, and it can go up to forty gears. This bicycle part’s primary function is to allow you to shift between speeds so that you won’t have to put extra effort into pedaling. 

Higher geared bikes are usually used when the rider covers elevations. Simultaneously, climbing uphill, more pedaling needs to be done to impart high speed to the two-wheeler so that it can move upwards against gravity. Similarly, when the rider travels downhill, he needs to control his speed so his bike can come down smoothly, without tumbling over. Since both these transits require more effort, it’s best to have a geared cycle to shift the speed according to the need. 

Since most riders think that such cycles will always come at higher price rates, we have decided to put forth some of the best processes priced under 3000. This is a highly reasonable limit, and hence, you wouldn’t have any problem getting the bike you desire. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Gear Cycle In India 

Before moving forward with the discussion about the top cycles coming with different gear combinations, it’s best to have a sneak peek about the ways of choosing the best piece from the long list. This way, you will have a guide prepared, which will prevent you from making any mistake. 

  1. Frame: bikes are mainly made from two materials- aluminum and carbon steel. Both of these have their perks and flaws. Based on what will suit your needs, you have to choose a proper frame. Usually, aluminum frames are lightweight but less durable. On the other hand, carbon steel frames are slightly heavier, but they go up to ten on the durability meter. 
  2. Gear combinations: even in a geared bike, you will have multiple choices, like single-speed bikes, 6-speed gear bikes, 18-speed bikes, 21-speed bikes, and so on. Higher the gear combination more will be the flexibility of shifting the speed while going uphill or downhill. 
  3. Brakes: another thing you need to consider at the time of choosing the bike is the brakes. Different brakes work differently. For example, the disc brakes will help you bring the bike to a halt instantly, while the caliper brakes will automate the braking on both wheels. Depending on what facility you want to enjoy, brakes’ choice will vary from one rider to the other. 
  4. Suspension: suspension maintains the balance of the bicycle. It has a spring system that compresses and then relaxes based on the surface type. If you are buying a rigid suspension, it will minimize the spring deflection force, and hence you will feel the effects while traveling on a bumpy road. Similarly, the full or front suspension will make the ride smoother. 

Top 10 best gear cycle price below 3000 in India 2021

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

If you want to have the best gear cycle price below 3000 for 12 years and more, this is the best one you have got in the market. The hero has never failed to amaze the riders, and Kyoto is the living example of the same. It has a sturdy steel-framed body, which will last longer, thanks to the alloy material’s resilience and hardness.

The non-corrosive paint present on the body will prevent rust from appearing anytime sooner on the bike’s chassis. With the rear and front reflectors, you won’t have any problem navigating the bicycle on the road. V-brakes are present on both the rear and front wheel. 26″ tires are current, which is appropriate for supporting the weight of the entire frame. 


With a single-speed configuration, you won’t have to worry much about the maintenance. 
You will not face any difficulty in mounting the rear bike stand, thanks to the V-brakes.
The steel frame has added to the durability and robustness of the bicycle. 


The debris and rocks might harm the rear end with no mudguard present.

2. Hero RangerDTB 26T 6 Speed Mountain Bike

With a 19.7″ frame size, the bike is perfect for riders starting from thirteen years. Since the frame is made out of steel, the bike is very robust, and hence, you won’t have to think much about its durability.

The bike’s color is fantastic, with a red and black combination that truly defines the two-wheeler’s adventurous form. It has a right-hand orientation, with the handlebar having strong grips so that your hand doesn’t slip at the time of cycling.

It has caliper brakes attached to both the front and rear wheels. These brakes are very efficient in maintaining the braking balance in the bike. Luckily, the bike has a 6-speed gear setting. So, for small uphill and downhill transit, you will be able to travel quickly without having to put much effort into pedaling. 


Mudguard is present in the bike, which will protect the rear end from being harmed by the debris.
Reflectors to help you with easy navigation
A quick quick-release system is present so that you can change the height of the saddle for better comfort.


No horn or bell is present on the bike. 

3. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids’ Bike

You will quickly get cycles under 3000 price when it comes to the hero, just like this Hero Blast kids’ bike. It has a single speed setting, where only one gear is present. Since kids are not usually thrilled to go on adventures independently, it’s best to have this cycle travel smoothly on the urban roads.

Moreover, the chassis is not very much complicated, which is why your kid wouldn’t have to work a lot in understanding them. The rigid suspension system is present, ensuring the front and rear ends are at the same level. This feature will further help your kid to cycle comfortably.

The frame’s size is around twelve inches, perfect for most kids between 7 to 9 years of age. The maximum rider height allowed for the two-wheeler is 4 feet 6 inches. 


With caliper brakes, your kid doesn’t have to worry always about maintaining the braking. 
A mudguard is present to protect the rear end from road obstacles. 
The steel frame of the bicycle has made it long-lasting and highly robust. 


Your kid won’t be able to travel smoothly on off-roads due to the rigid suspension.

4. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

If you want to have the best gear cycle under an affordable range, this is the perfect market. With a 6-speed gear combination, the rider will shift between speeds while traveling uphill and downhill. Since you can change the rates, one won’t have to worry about putting lots of effort into pedaling.

The rear end is a low stance compared to the front end, which will help the rider maintain a balance while traveling on roads. One of the best things about this particular bike is that it comes with dual suspension.

And luckily, thanks to this, you can ride on bumpy roads, graveled paths, and other off-roads without having to feel the impact of the unevenness of the surface. Also, with dual suspension, it will generate less pressure on the frame structure, which will ensure the bike can ride for longer times. As a result, it’s one of the best bikes under 3000. 


You can quickly shift the speed with the help of the 6-speed gear system. 
It will require no extra effort to avoid the bike frame’s jostling, thanks to the dual suspension. 
The handlebar has a perfect design to make sure that one can maneuver the bike quickly. 
Wheels are of the optimum size and thickness to allow journeys on off-beat roads. 


V-brakes wouldn’t give you full control over the braking system.

5. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

If you are looking for an advanced gear cycle price below 3000, the Hero Sprint is the best choice you have in the market. In this bike, you will have an 18-speed configuration. With such a high number, you will be able to shift the speed quickly. Perhaps this is why this specific gear bike has become so famous.

The frame is made from steel, which is why the bike will last longer, without any need for frequent maintenance. The rear and front reflectors’ presence will guide you through the roads, which is why this bicycle is highly maneuverable. Kids between 9 to 11 years can easily ride this bicycle, with a maximum height limit of 4 ft 9 inches. 


The presence of a mudguard will help you to keep the rear end safe. 
The rear stand is present for a better balance when not being used.
I alloyed the steel frame to handle the weight of the rider correctly. 


The saddle doesn’t have any cushion padding.

6. Btwin Mountain Bike

The best part about this bike is its unique color combination, with a white frame, blackened wheels, saddle, and handlebar. Since it is a single-speed bike, you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about the maintenance.

Also, the wheels are pretty larger, which will support the rider easily. The rigid suspension will allow you to ride smoothly on the urban roads since you won’t have to feel the frame’s shuddering now and then. Disc brakes are present in the two-wheeler that will give you more freedom on the bike’s halting movements. 


A steel frame is present that increases the longevity of the bike.
Single-speed configuration will require the least maintenance.
Protective alloy rim wheels are present to prevent tire wear and tear.


If you plan to go off-road, it can be a little tricky with the absence of proper suspension.

7. Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Hybrid Bike

With caliper brakes, you can easily control this bike since the braking will be the same on both the rear and front end. The heavyweight of the steel frame will be handled appropriately by the larger wheels. It’s perfect for adult riders, with a maximum height limit of 5.11 feet. Even though the bike has only one gear, you can ride smoothly on the urban roads where there is genuinely no need to shift the speed. 


Mudguards are present for better rear protection from road obstacles.
The steel frame makes the bikes sturdy and highly robust.
The handlebar has a T-structure, which will help in better grip.


It is not perfect for covering bumpy roads due to the lack of a proper spring deflection range.


Here we have discussed the best gear cycle under 3000 that you will find in the market. Each of these two-wheelers has its ups and downs, and hence you need to choose the bike based on your requirements.

If you are a frequent off-road traveler, suspension and gear should be present. If your commute roads are the normal concrete city roads, you can do well with single-speed and rigid suspension. The choice is yours!

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