Mountain Bike VS Hybrid Bike

Mountain Bike Vs Hybrid Bike
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Are you looking to buy the best bike suitable for your commute plans?

Can’t you decide which bike to buy without regretting the choice?

If yes, you are at the right place because we will provide you a detailed comparison of the two most important bike classes. 

Several bikes have been introduced in the market, starting from geared cycles to normal road bikes. Out of these types, the two most advanced biking technologies are mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. As most riders get confused between these two bike categories, here we will be talking about the major points of differences to have more clarity. 

Mountain Bike VS Hybrid Bike

FeaturesMountain BikeRoad Bike
PerformanceHigherLesser compared to MTBs
Rear cassette12 to 2516 to 30
Front derailleursPresentAbsent
Wheels & TiresWider, and largerSlimmer and larger
BreaksDisc brakesDisc and V-brakes

Types of Hybrid And Mountain Bikes

The first point of difference that we will discuss is the type of both hybrid and mountain bikes. This will help you to understand both the categories further and help in your decision-making process. 

Hybrid Bike Types

  • Traditional hybrid bikes: The traditional bikes of hybrid design style have a basic structure with the top tube being in a slanted position. The gap between the handlebar and the rider saddle is standard in most traditional bikes. They have normal wheels with or without other alloy rims.
  • Electric hybrid bikes: You can understand that these hybrid bikes run on a battery rather than the manual styling from the name itself. You will get a motor with a pedal-assist system for commuting further. These bikes may or may not have any gear system in them.
  • Leisure and sport hybrid bikes: These bikes are perfect for sports and cycle racing. You can cover both the smooth roads and the offbeat paths without any hassle. Most bikes belonging to this category have gears for easy commutes. 

Mountain Bike Types

  • Rigid mountain bikes: These mountain bikes have no suspension system, both on the front and the rear wheels. Hence the frame is quite rigid, providing proper balance to the riders while traveling on the offbeat roads. However, you can’t use rigid bikes on paths with several obstacles and many ups and downs.
  • Hardtail mountain bikes: In hardtail bikes, you will only find the front suspension while the rear wheel is rigid. These bikes are ideal for short commutes on offbeat roads as the rear end might cause a little problem with highly uneven surfaces.
  • Trail bikes: The trail mountain bikes are known for providing a high level of comfort through a soothing bike frame. They have front suspension forks and often come with the lower gear combination for easy trail hikes.
  • All-mountain bikes: You can use these bikes for commuting on any surface, be it the harsh downhill paths or the normal smooth trails up the mountains. The all-mountain bikes are known for their excellent performance; if you are looking for enhanced performance, it’s not possible with these bikes.
  • Cross country mountain bikes: In the cross country or the XC bikes, performance is prioritized over comfort. The frame’s weight is reduced considerably to ensure you can change the gears smoothly without any hassle.

Benefits of Hybrid Bikes And Mountain Bikes

For understanding which bike will be better for you, first, you need to understand the benefits of each type. Due to the differences in bike technology and the framework, their benefits are also far apart.

Hybrid Bike Benefits 

  1. Reduced weight: One of the major benefits of riding a hybrid bike is that they are lightweight. The frames are usually constructed from alloy elements, and hence, you won’t have to drag the bike on the roads while cycling. 
  2. Comfort: The hybrid bikes are quite comfortable to ride on. This is why most amateur riders prefer these hybrid bikes over the styles. 
  3. All-terrain suitability: You can use hybrid bikes to cover most of the terrain types, be it the smooth surfaces or the offbeat roads. Even if the gear is not present in the bike you have chosen, you won’t have any problem commuting through the mountain roads and the trails. 
  4. Good for health: Another major benefit of riding the hybrid cycles is improved health. These cycles improve the blood circulation in your body, thereby ensuring proper oxygen supply to every cell. 

Mountain Bike Benefits

  1. Perfect for offbeat roads: The main reason riders prefer to have mountain bikes is because of the bike’s ability to cover rough terrains and travel both uphill and downhill. 
  2. Multiple suspension options: Based on the type of journey you are looking forward to and the terrain style, you can choose from different suspension options available in other bike types. 
  3. Strong wheels: As most mountain bikes travel on uneven surfaces, the wheels are made fatter and provided more durability. This way, they can last longer without degradation.
  4. Increased traction: All mountain bikes have a higher traction level as compared to hybrid bikes. With this, you can overcome the obstacles with ease. 
  5. Gear ratio: Out of every 10 MTBs, at least eight of them will have a gear ratio. This way, you can shift the speed as per the requirement of the road and the terrain slope.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Bikes And Mountain Bikes

Hybrid Bikes:
These bikes have reduced weight for faster transit on the roads.
Comfort is the main motto of the hybrid bike frames.
You can use them on any terrain without any hassle.
These are affordable bikes.
They do not come with abundant suspension options.
As they do not have gear options, changing the speed will become difficult. 
Mountain Bikes:
Mountain bikes are meant for transits on rough and uneven terrains.
The wheels are fatter and come with a higher traction level.
You can change the speeds easily by shifting the gears in the MTBs.
The frames are quite strong, sturdier, and more robust.
Since they are heavier, their maneuverability is less.
They are costlier than hybrid bikes.


Here, we have described the major differences between hybrid and mountain bikes. Based on the compatibility level and your requirements, you need to ensure that the bike type you are choosing is ideal. 

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