A Young Woman Sets Out On A Bicycle Journey To Kashmir

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Recently a 21 years old young girl from areekode has started a journey to Kashmir. The shocking thing behind this journey is that she set this journey on the bicycle. She went on this journey with her two friends from areekode.

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  • It was her dream to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir on the bicycle. Sahla, a journalist, is the daughter of Sakeer Hussain. She bought a new bicycle with her own money that she has saved during her studies.

    Sahla’s parents also said that her journey to Kashmir with men shows change towards modern society. This journey also symbolises that now girls are independent, and it’s not when girls can’t even step out of their homes. Sahla, during the interview, said that her parents are the biggest encouragement for her. Everyone has the right to accomplish their dreams.

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  • Sahla’s father has a modern point of view; he also said that it is important to give freedom to both the boys and the girls and that “Their confidence and courage will be of no use if we retrain them from flourishing”. The journey would take almost three months; Sahla and her friends were very excited about the journey. Sahla also said, “Its been a dream for me to go up to the kashmir on bicycle, my excitement has reached its pinnacle.”

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  • This small incident symbolises that everyone is moving towards the modern world now girls also have the right to live on their terms. There was a time when they were not allowed to move out after sunset.

    Shamil is a secretary of the biking community and also completed his journey to Kashmir in 2018, and now he also wants to complete another journey. This news has contributed towards breaking the stereotype that girls cannot complete their aspirations. Sahla has become an inspiration for so many girls.

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