Delhi Zoo Introduces Bicycles For Officers To Reduce Carbon Footprint

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2021)

The director of Delhi zoo has taken the initiative towards a green and eco-friendly environment. They have launched a green campaign by launching bicycles for all the officers in the zoo. From now onwards, motorbikes or scooters will be allowed within the premises. This event was marked as world conservation day. All the supervisors were given bicycles.

The main aim behind this event is to reduce carbon footprint. In addition, this event ensures that it would cause no disturbance to the animals due to any noise. Mr Pandey also stated that there would be many measures that they are going to implement in the future to maintain an eco-friendly environment for the animals and birds in the zoo. Moreover, he said they aim to reduce the noise pollution in the zoo.

To celebrate this event, all the birds and animals were given extra fruits and vegetables. They were given a diet according to the animal’s requirement. For example, they gave extra meat to the carnivores animals while they gave fruits and vegetables to the herbivores.

This initiative has made a great contribution to the conservation of animals and birds. In addition, these kinds of campaigns create awareness about the environment and wildlife conservation.

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