Kerala Man Builds Bicycle From Scrap With A Look Of Bike Amid Fuel Price Hike.

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2021)

As the price of petrol is on a spike and is increasing as the day passes. Moreover, there was a time when the petrol price was under 50 rs, and now it has crossed the boundary of 100rs. Moreover, the increasing cases of coronavirus have made the situation even worse. But people say that problem is itself the solution of its problem. Similarly, an invention has come forward to make the situation.

Meanwhile, a man from Kerala has invented a bike using all the scrap. So while people were worried about the prices, this invention gave them a little relaxation.

Lijeesh Chettiar lives in Kerala’s Malappuram district, and he made this bike in lockdown to get relaxation from the petrol prices. Moreover, the bike is a combination of bullet motorbike and bicycles. This is an environmentally friendly bicycle. Except for the two tyres, he made everything using scrap. He has named this vehicle ‘bullcy’.

After taking his interview, he said that it has become very difficult for a common person to afford a motorcycle, but one should not sacrifice his dream. However, a common person can easily afford ‘ bullcy’. Bully is a new environmental invention that is good for the health of the people.

This unique idea came to his mind during lockdown when his family was worried about the high prices of petrol.

However, this is not the first time that a man has made such an incredible invention. This invention might ease the people from these high petrol prices. During his interview, he said that it cost him about 25000 to make this bullcy. Moreover, Bullcy gives a fly to the dreams of lower-middle-class people who cannot afford to buy the motorcycle and are worried because of increasing prices of petrol. They can now afford to bully.

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