MV Agusta Invests In Affordable E-Bicycles With AMO RR And RC

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Our very own Veteran Italian maker of superbikes, MV Agusta, recently announced his welcome to the e-motorcycle industry. With the manufacture of two brand new E-bikes, AMO RR and AMO RC. will succeed these two with e-kickscooters. The master of good-looking superbikes has turned his gaze to invest in electronic bicycles to provide easier mobility.

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AMO, which stands for ‘I love’ in Italian, has two models, with a 250 W silent Mahle engine. It gives you a speed of up to 25kmph. It also has a 250Wh Panasonic Battery known to go up to 75km with a single charge. It stops on Margua disc brakes and runs on Pirelli tires. It includes a Carbon drive belt and weighs not more than 15.5kg. The fun part is, the manufacture will be done in Italy, but you can assemble it in your house.

The motorbikes come in two colours schemes; they are yellow and black for AMO RR. AMO RC will be available in red, white, and black. You can avail your e-bicycles online from their websites. It can do this once the mass production is completed and the website is up and about.

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CEO of MV Agusta, Timur Sardarov, said that it was finally time to unlock the MV Agusta’s complete potential. It stands for Speed, quality of engineering and true Italian design. These are the values that vibe with the urban dwellers and the bikers. So diversifying from superbikes to e-bicycles was long due and is expected to provide great returns.

The Italian superstar has turned his passion into a full-fledged business. But, while the end-products will be available internationally soon, India still waits for their arrival.

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