Pradhuman Singh Tomar, upon the increase in Fuel charges, said, “Ride Cycle to Market.”

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Riding bicycles reduces the increasing pollution in the environment, said Pradhuman Singh Tomar, Minister of Madhya Pradesh. 

As the country dwells under the pressure of fuel prices rising, Madhya Pradesh Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar offers them a solution. The president said riding a bicycle to short distances like vegetable markets will keep people healthy and the environment pollution-free.

He supported the price surge by saying that the increase in the fuel price is being used to help the poor.

The minister’s words included a question: do we ride a bicycle when going to the vegetable market? Because it will help nature by keeping pollution away and also maintaining our health. 

Also, he added that the minister understands how much they travel in the car, cycle around and do walking. They all know the price is a bit high, but the money levied is being used for the poor man. 

He also added, has a diesel and petrol gained more importance in our lives than the nation’s health services? The minister’s controversial sentences come at a time when the fuel prices are reaching their limit. 

Not only this, the fuel cost is continuing to rise upward throughout the country. 

On June 23rd, Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister, had blamed the Earlier UPA or United Progressive Alliance regime for Gasoline prices. He stated that congress had left behind tens of millions of crores due to the present authorities. Because of this reason, the centre has to pay each of its interest and the total worth. 

In Bhopal now the price of one litre of petrol has crossed the limit of Rs 107. Meanwhile, the congress party is arranging for a 10-day nationwide agitation, starting from July 7th, to protest against the rise in the fuel price.  

At the same time, the price surge in Delhi has hit the all-time high mark of Rs 98.81 per litre while diesel amounting to Rs 88.18 a litre. Also, the recent change in petrol price has taken the petrol price in Mumbai up to Rs 105 as it is retailing in the city at a rate of Rs 104.90 and diesel at the rate of Rs 96.72 for one litre. 

So, by his words, it is clear that now people must accept the surge in the price and start adapting to cycling ways to compensate for the surge and keep them healthy.

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