Rahul Gandhi Marchers Protest On His Bicycle

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

On August 3rd, 2022, Rahul Gandhi was seen marching towards the parliament on a bicycle to protest the increasing fuel prices.

In his meeting with 17 MPs of the opposition, the morning saw an array of bicycles lined outside. This was a breakfast meeting that was hosted to figure out a strategy for the next session in the parliament. Issues with respect to the Pegasus spyware were also discussed in the meeting.

Soon after that, Rahul rode his bicycle to the parliament to protest against the fuel hike. Recent events showed that Petrol prices increased to Rs. 100 per litre in most regions of the country. Rahul was seen with the 100 leaders of Congress along with a surprising factor. Many leaders from the opposition such as Trinamool Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena, RJC, CPIM, and the Samajwadi Party were also present in the meeting.

Additionally, we saw members of the JMM, JKNC, RSP, and KCM also attend the breakfast meeting. It took place because of the continuous standoff against the BJP party. The primary reason was the Pegasus spyware incident. However, Pegasus posed a major threat to the data-driven region. Patrol prices were seen to skyrocket almost every day.

Moreover, the discussion over Pegasus seems redundant to the government and thus they refrain from talking about it. This resulted in the breakfast meets and more such meetings by the opposition. It was suggested to talk about the issue under the supervision of the supreme court. So far no action has been taken against this threat. 

Soon after the meeting came to an end, Rahul Gandhi and his fellow opposition party members took out their cycles. Then a rally with cycling ministers was seen to march towards the parliament with rage and determination.

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