Tamil Nadu Man Invents An E-cycle That Can Cover 50 km At Rs 10 After Spending Rs. 20,000

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2021)

With fuel prices rising every day, people are becoming desperate to develop an alternative that is easy to access and affordable. 

To answer the demand, a 33-year old S.Baskaran came up with an e-designed cycle that could travel up to 50km in only Rs 10.

The rising price of fuel has made a dent in middle-class people’s pockets. The price of petrol has soared up so high in the past few days, touching the mark of Rs100 in most cities. As a result, it is pushing people to find ways to deal with it. 

Bhaskaran lives in a Pakamedu village of Tamil Nadu Villupuram. He is a mechanical engineer diploma holder. But unfortunately, he quit his job last year after the pandemic was in full action to focus on agriculture.

During his rest time from the fieldwork, he concentrated on developing an alternative commute system that did not require much petrol or fuel. For the matter, he did extensive research on electric cycles.

His interest broke the boundary when he decided to develop his electric vehicle after buying an old cycle for Rs 2000. 

Bhaskaran spent more than Rs 18,000 to buy other spare parts and the required equipment needed to run the e-cycle. So the basis here that makes this invention interesting is the research is based on the fact to develop an affordable vehicle. 

He did the entire setup of the cycle under Rs 20,000. It also did not require any heavy machinery or equipment for converting the regular cycle into an e-cycle. 

Now discussing the transport design, Bhaskaran explained that he fitted an electric motor, brake cut off switch and a battery controller in the cycle. The range of the e-cycle is 50 km, and it can gain a maximum speed of 30 km/hr. 

Bhaskaran also shared that he wants to take this innovation further and apply for its patent soon. He hopes that his innovation will help him earn and serve as a basis for other inventions in future. 

Bhaskar also added that he wants to help people who are dealing with the rising inflation like himself. Also, who are unable to do much about it. He intends to help people with moving disabilities by developing an electric wheelchair that is easy to afford.

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