Toutche Launches Heileo H100 Electric Bicycle In India At Rs 48,900

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

On Monday, Toutche launched the new generation Heileo H100 in India. The electric mobility start-up made it possible to attain the new bicycle by Indians at just Rs. 48,900. It comes with three modes that allow it to function as a regular bicycle or as an e-bike. This is possible due to its peddle-assist or throttle. It is most suited for people who are into riding bikes for recreational purposes.

It is one of the lightest e-bikes in the country, which is also hybrid. It comes with 6061 Aluminium alloy and a power of 345 and 460 kilowatt-hours. Moreover, the bikes come in two variations of colours; spring green and feta white. 

The bike comes with a detachable Li-ion battery and a 250W rear hub motor. The range options are two-fold; 60 km and 80 km on a single charge. Both are dependent upon the pedal-assist mode. According to Toutche, the electric mode has 5-levels with regards to the power assist and right-hand-side throttle.

The company provides a warranty of 18 months on the battery, the electric motor, and the controller of the bikes. It also provides a warranty of two years over the frame. It also has its service outlets available across 18 cities of the country. The Heileo e-bikes are produced largely in Mysore. The bookings over the Toutche website of the new and the older models have started.

The CEO and founder of Toutche, Raghu Karakatty, said, “The all-new H100 Heileo bike comes with style and energy. We are glad to widen our portfolio at a time when the demand for eBikes has surged in recent months. Be it work or recreation, it’s simply a Toutche away!”

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