Young Tamil Nadu Brothers Invent Solar-Powered Bicycle To Beat Fuel Price Hike

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2021)

Two young brothers from Tamil Nadu’s Sivagangai district has invented a bicycle that runs on solar power. Instead of playing games on the mobile phone, this duo has set an example. It says that the bicycle can travel up to 30 km and can also work alternatively as a humble bicycle.

The two brothers from the Sivagangai College Road area are 12-year-old Veeraguruharikrishnan and 11-year-old Sampathkrishnan. They are the sons of Veerapathiran and Ammani. While Veeraguruharikrishnan is in the eighth grade in Thirupuvanam private school, Sampathkrishnan is pursuing his seventh-grade studies at Sivagangai school.

As the fuel prices won’t stop rising, the brothers thought of doing something with their bicycles. Their creative minds started flowing and they got the idea of designing a solar-powered motorized bicycle that is eco-friendly. They were successful in fitting the bicycle with the appropriate materials such as the battery, motor, and solar panels that they bought online or from stores.

Veeraguruharikrishnan told News18, “It was only when we were cycling on vacation during the lockdown and watching YouTube that we came up with the idea of inventing something new from the things that we own. You can change all types of bicycles to this format. It costs only Rs 10 thousand including the bicycle.

Furthermore, he said, “It can travel up to 30 km when exposed to sunlight and can be operated when charged for 5 hours of time. If the switch is turned on the bicycle will only go at a speed of 25 to 35 km/h based on the current design.”

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He also added, “There is also a plan to look at the appropriate equipment to increase or reduce the speed. This bicycle can carry a total weight of up to 150 kgs. Mobile phones charging slots are also available on the bicycle.”

With this, the duo has set an example of how to make something useful in this time at home rather than playing games.

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