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1. When announcing an event (free or commercial), create an event on the Events page. Please do not spam people by posting or sending messages to each and every group. If the event is local to one or two groups, it is OK. If group moderators complain to the site admin, the event organizer  and the content will be suspended.


2. Please don't use a primary group page for one-to-one chat with a member. It populates the home page timeline. Ideally paste messages on the member's page or stick to private messaging.


3. Blogs and Forums are different. A blog post could be about your views on some news item or a ride report while a Forum is meant for a query you post to the community boards for discussion. Do not paste the same item in both blogs and forums.  


4. There are lots of focussed city groups on the site right now. Some of them cater to a particular niche (BMX, MTB etc) while others are focussed on a specific part of the city. If you must create a new group, make sure it's unique and serves a purpose. Else it's just redundant. As per our terms, any groups with 5 members or less and/or with zero activity in the last 3 months will be deleted. We need to do this to keep the site clean.  


5. Please upload only those photos which are relevant to cycling or a group ride. This is not a dating site or a model scouting network so your portfolio shots will be of no use.


6.There are thousands of existing forum topics and blogs on the site. Dealing with a variety of cycling topics. If you have a query, try searching first. All the legacy content is indexed and you should get loads of info on buying new bikes, tips on maintenance, vendor/brand specific content etc. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to post a query in the Forums section.


7. Usage of foul, abusive or racist language will not be tolerated on the site and will lead to immediate termination of membership. The same applies to posting pornographic content of any kind.  


8. If you wish to share any member created photos, videos or blog posts on external sites or publications, please take permission first even if you're going to give due credit.


10. Do not post copyright protected content (text, images, video) on the site. If complaints are received from the original content owners, the content will be deleted. does not own data created by its members and is indemnified from any 3rd party copyright infringement claims. 


11. is a free site and does not charge any fees for membership or usage. All site features are free and there is no limit to the amount of content you can publish. does not benefit in any way if members charge fees for group rides or events. If you have issues with commercial rides announced on the site, do not complain to the Site Admin.


12. We receive hundreds of member signups per week. Many a time, we're not sure whether to approve a member or not due to lack of any legit profile data. Yes, we need to manually screen the member signups to cut out the spammers. If your membership hasn't been approved as yet, let us know. Be as detailed as possible on the profile page first. 



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