66 Popular Cycle Brands In India

Popular Cycle Brands In India
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

With the cycling culture finally garnering attention in India, bicycle has finally come into prominence. It is not only an effective means of transport but also plays a vital role in reducing atmospheric pollution. Moreover, the rising prices for commuting have led people to shift their focus to the usage of a vehicle that seemed to have been long forgotten – the bicycle. Nowadays, people from varied sections of society are opting for cycles, albeit for different reasons.

It is no secret that cycling reduces stress levels and enhances muscle strength. Apart from keeping the body fit, the popularity of cycling as a professional sport has gained much limelight in recent years. This has undoubtedly raised interest in the youth of today.

No matter your reason for picking up cycling – leisure, fitness, or sports, you must choose the best cycle brand. But, the overwhelming options can lead to confusion. Plus, you must take into consideration budget, speed, accessories, and comfort before making a decision. To ensure that you buy the best cycle, we have compiled a list of the 66 popular cycle brands in India.


Accredited with the ISO-9001-2015 certification, Atlas came into existence in 1951. Now, the brand produces about 4 million cycles annually. It also exports products to several countries. The dream of Shri Janki Das Kapur has finally come true with the recognition of the brand all over the world.


Since its inception in 1952 by the Pahwa Brothers, Avon has aimed to produce durable but cost-effective bicycles. Over the years, they have progressed from simple designs to varied cycle types. Now, they produce MTB, eBikes, etc. They also have their own facilities to make raw materials.


Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany, Bergamont is now one of the leading cycle brands across the globe. The products are all designed by in-house engineers who conduct incredible R&D to make the bicycles safe and reliable. They produce MTB, cross bikes, kid’s bicycle, eBikes, etc.


Heralded as the oldest cycle manufacturing organization, Bianchi, also known as F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A, was established by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 in Italy. The brand has pioneered the frontal-heel caliper brake. Numerous professional cyclists use Bianchi for competitions and tournaments. They produce different varieties of racing bicycles.


Designed with premium-quality components and the latest technology, the BMW bicycles are one of a kind. The brand crafts cycles and pay attention to minute details like carbon seat supports. Some of their prominent products include Cruise bike, urban hybrid e-Bike, M Bike, etc.


Owned by TI Group, BSA came under the flagship of this organization due to acquiring Raleigh Industries in the year 1960. Now, BSA ladybird is one of the most popular household brands in India. The bicycles are super comfortable, economical, and have a trendy style.


Btwin is a brand division of the well-known French sports goods retailer, Decathlon. As of now, it has more than 1647 stores across 57 countries. Favored by professionals, Btwin releases products like long-distance city bikes, all terrain bikes, kids city bikes, elops, rockrider, etc. 


Previously owned by Murdock MacGregor and Joe Montgomery in 1971, Canondale is now under the ownership of the Dorel Industries. The brand is particularly known for the wide range of bicycles and parts like carbon frames, suspension forks, the trademarked Hollwogram technology, electric bicycles, road bikes, etc.


Long involved in professional cycling, the brand Canyon made an appearance in 1996. The bicycle manufacturing company is based in Koblenz, Germany, and was founded by brothers Franc Arnold and Roman Arnold in 1985. Now, they produce road bikes, e-bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, etc.


What started as a basement project in Canada ended up being one of the best track and racing bicycle manufacturers across the globe. Cervelo Cycles came into existence in 1995 due to the magnanimous efforts of Phil White and Gerard Vroomen. Currently, the brand manufactures 5 different series of bicycles.


Founded by legendary road cyclist Mario “The lion king” Cipollini in 2010, the brand manufactures different kinds of bicycles. The products are in use by the ISD-NERI team. Along with the expertise of Federico Zecchetto, the brand manufactures powerful, reliable, and safe tools.


Marketing under the brand name, Cockatoo, Anand Group was founded in the year 1981. It is also one of the founding members of the esteemed Sports Goods Foundation of India. Cockatoo manufactures top-quality fitness equipments, including different types of bicycles.


Known for innovative designs and use of experimental materials, Colnago is the brain-child of Ernesto Colnago. His fascination with the world of professional cycling led to the existence of Colnago in 1952 in Cambiago, Italy. It is now known for the supreme quality cycles that it releases, including triathlon, e-bike, cyclocross, etc.


Designed with the intent to weather different terrains, Convolution is the result of the passion, talent, and technical knowledge of several cyclists. With the aid of the personal riding experience, the brand aims to fuse the discoveries of the R&D team with customization.


Owed by the prestigious NANDI MARKETING, Cosmic consists of a wide range of bicycles that are built with top-notch engineering and attractive styles. Moreover, the Indian brand, since 2013, takes into consideration the budget. They manufacture kids’ bicycles, MTB bikes, city bicycles, etc.


Widely known for being the largest folding bicycle manufacturer across the globe, Dahon now has more than 200 patents. It was established by David T. Hon in the year 1982 with the aid of Henry Hon (his brother). They also market products under different brand names such as Biceco, Yeah, etc.


With an impeccable growth since 2010, Fantom has incorporated innovation and rider inputs into their products. They have manufacturing factories in PRC and Taiwan while having design centers in the state of Florida, USA. Their wide range of products includes Hardtail, fixed gear, city bike, road bike, etc.


Jim Felt is the founder of Felt and established it in the early 1994s. The subsequent disappearance and re-launch of the organization in 2001 rose quite a bit of a stir. Rossignol Group acquired Felt in 2017. Felt manufactures track, cruiser, road, cyclocross, mountain, and electric bicycles.


Firefox, a Delhi-based company, was established in the year 2009. Later, it came under the acquisition of Hero Cycles. Despite that, the brand is inevitably known for its high-quality parts and stylish designs. Firefox is known for producing stunts, hybrid, mountain, road, and electric bicycles.


With World Champion in Cyclocross, Mike Kluge at the helm, Focus entered into a partnership with Derby Cycle Werke in 1993. The administrative part of the brand is handled at Stuggart, Germany, while the production units are located in Cloppenburg, Germany. It releases racing, mountain, and e-bicycles in the market.


Manufactured by Shanghai Usee Bike Co., Ltd, which is a China-based organization, Fomas aims to release cost-effective yet reliable bicycles. The brand is only available in select nations, including India. Keeping in mind the budget, Fomas releases value-for-money products.


One of the most popular Indian brands that quickly rose to prominence is Frog Cycles. Sachin Chopra developed the brand in the year 2015. It now has a presence in 250 or more cities along with more than 600 retail points. It produces affordable ATBs, MTBs, etc.


Though the Japan-based company was established in 1899, it was not until the 1920s that the organization made a name for itself in the bicycle market. It is now under the ownership of Advanced Sports Internationals. It manufactures varied types of cycles and sponsors the Caja Rural-Seguros Cycling Team.


Ghost was established more than 20 years ago by Klaus Möhwald and Uwe Kalliwoda in a small garage. Now, it is one of the leading international bicycle manufacturers. One of their lines – LECTOR, is a legendary mountain hardtail bike that changed the market in 1993.


Credited for being the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world, Giant was founded by King Liu and his friends in Dajia, Taiwan, in 1972. Giant has several sub-brands such as Mosh BMX, Cadex, Liv/Grant, Momentum, etc. The various categories of bicycles that Giant manufactures are Youth, On-road, Off-road, X-road, and E-bikes.


Sub-division of the Canadian Dorel Industries, GT bicycles has gained worldwide recognition. It was originally founded by Richard Long and Gary Turner in 1979 in California. The brand produces road, BMC, and mountain bicycles and is famed for its innovative designs.


With the experience of more than five decades, Hamilton has devoted itself to manufacture the best bicycles with unique designs and world-class quality. The bicycle products are developed under the brand Hamilton Industries. The varied range of bicycles has earned a great reputation worldwide.


Originally a British bicycle manufacturing unit established by Edmund and Harry Crane in 1910, Hercules is now owned by Tube Investments. In India, it is under the leadership of the TI Cycles of India, with headquarters located in Chennai. They produce practical as well as professional bicycles.


With a daily production of more than 19,000 bicycles, Hero Cycles is a sought-after bicycle manufacturing company in India. The company started with the production of bicycle components in Ludhiana in 1956. It has several brand names like Hero Sprint Pro, hero Sprint and UT.


Marketed under the brand name, Huge, S.K. Bikes is a highly popular bicycle manufacturing company based in India. The main aim of the brand is to release products with innovative styles. It produces varied categories of bicycles, including women, hybrid kids, hardtails, and full suspension.


Established by Ron Jamis, Jamis Bicycles is an American-based bicycle production organization. It was acquired by G. Joannou Cycle Co. in 1990 and is now spearheaded by the revered Carine Joannou. The brand introduced impressive road bikes, beach cruisers, and more. It has won numerous awards since 1998.


Founded in Shenzhen, China, in the year 2002, Java has only one motto. It aims to launch various unique bicycles that cater to the taste of different cyclists. It has collaborated with an Italian design unit called Albert design.


Since its commencement by Jacob Heilbron and Dan Gerhard in 1988, Kona Bikes has its headquarters in Ferndale. They also have distribution offices in Canada and Europe. The brand is famous for the diversified collection of Freeride MTBs. They also develop commuter, road, and cyclocross bicycles.


Not to be confused with the Polish brand bearing the same nomenclature, Kross Bicycles is actually another sub-brand of Hero Cycles. The products are available all over India and have more than 500 dealers. They produce city bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, and ladies bikes.

La Sovereign

A joint venture between Indian “Sovereign” and Thai “La Thailand” resulted in the foundation of La Sovereign. The collaboration was done in an effort to release high-quality bicycles in the Indian market. It has a massive dealer network and manufactures Geared, mountain, BMX, road, and kids bicycles.


Lapierre is a France-based cycle production company that has Gaston Lapierre as its founder in 1946. Now, the brand is under the Accell Group and manufactures more than 90,000 bicycles annually. Their products are used by the Groupama-FDJ team.


Look came into existence in 1951 from the genius mind of Jean Benyl, who was also a passionate skier. The brand made a name for itself in the 1984 tour de France. It now produces varied cycling types, including road, triathlon, fixed gear, track, e-bike, and gravel.

Mach City

Founded in the year 2015, the Mach City aims to infuse riders with the explicit pleasures of cycling. The brand is under the support of the Track and Trail by the esteemed TI Cycles of India. They manufacture high-quality hybrid and city bicycles without charging too much.


The brand derives its name from Marin County, the heart of the MTB culture. Bob Buckley, along with local cycling fanatics, founded Marin Bikes in 1986. Though the brand is renowned for mountain bikes, it has now ventured into other variants like transit, pedal-assist, and drop bar.


Ike Tseng is the founder of the bicycling manufacturing company, Merida in 1972. Now, the brand exports products to more than 77 countries. It is also associated with the Multivan Merida Biking Team and Team Bahrain McLaren.


Sold under BMX Products, Inc. Mongoose, was established in the year 1974. Mongoose products are marketed under Pacific Cycle and are owned by Dorel Industries since 2004. It releases street bicycles, mountain bicycles, and BMX in the market.


Launched as a sub-brand of the TI Cycles of India cycling brand in 2011, Montra Bicycles have gained public acceptance over the years. The designs of the products come from England. There are various cycle types Montra manufactures, such as hybrid, road, MTB, and specialty.


With a proud “Made in India” tag, OMO bikes were founded in 2016. It also claims to be the first-ever carbon negative bicycle production organization in the world. They manufacture attractive and sustainable bicycles.


Formerly a gun manufacturer, Orbea entered the bicycling market in 1930 as Orbea Bicycles. It was established in Elbar, Spain, by the amalgamation of Mateo, Casimiro, and Juan Manuel Orbea. The brand manufactures different types of mountain, urban, road, and triathlon bicycles.


Phoenix Bicycles is a subsidiary of the Shanghai Phoenix Import & Export Company and was founded in 1958 as the Shanghai Third Bicycle Factory. It now exports bicycles to 50 or more countries and produces BMX, city bikes, race bikes, mountain bikes, etc.


Founded by Italian Giovanni Pinarello in 1952, Pinarello is now under the acquisition of L Catterton. It is famous for manufacturing track, mountain, road, cyclocross, and e-bikes. It has also gained numerous awards.


Operating under the trade name Polygon Bikes, PT Insera Sena was originally established in 1989 in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. The brand manufactures various types of bicycles, such as BMX, youth, mountain, urban, and road bikes.


A recently set up bicycle manufacturer PPOF came from the enthusiasm and brilliance of a team of folding bike enthusiasts in 2016. Now, the brand aims to develop high-quality folding bikes for long distance and city commuting.


Based out of Pune, Psynyde is one of the best performance bicycle production companies in India. The brand was formed as an advantageous collaboration between cycle designers and skilled mountain bikers. With more than 15 years of experience, Psynyde is ready to enter the mainstream.


Pure cycles came into the foray in the year 2010 thanks to the efforts of Zachary Schau, Michael Fishman, Austin Stoffers, and Jordan Schau. Pure Cycles is famous for introducing the glowing amidst the dark bicycle.


The Raleigh Bicycle Company has its roots in 1885 when it was founded by Angois and Woodhead. Now, under the Dutch organization, Accell, Rayleigh is one of the oldest cycle manufacturers across the globe.


Established by frame designer and painter Jochim Aerts in 1997, the Ridley Bikes is based in Belgium. Within a few years, the brand became one of the leading manufacturers of racing bikes.


Introduced in 1936 by Cleveland Welding Company, Roadmaster is currently under the ownership of the Canada-based Dorel Industries. It manufactures low to middle range priced mountain bikes, mopeds, exercise bicycles, and BMX bikes.


Roadeo is a sub-brand of the cycling brand, Hercules. It produces stylish and comfortable bicycles keeping in mind the budget. The brand offers distinct cycle types like hardtail, dual suspension, and more.


Established in the year 2016 with the aid of skilled engineers, the Kerala-based Indian brand Roulik Bikes aims to blend quality with sustainable living. It manufactures affordable e-bikes without making any compromises on the quality.


Though the name of the brand means quick and fast in German, Schnell is an Indian cycling brand that manufactures bicycles under Cyclonics India. The products have an international appeal and deliver on the reliability aspect.


Originally established in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn, the American-based bicycle manufacturing firm dominated the market in the 20th century. Now, it is owned by Dorel Industries. It manufactures different bicycle types like cruisers, electric, mountain, hybrid, road, etc.


Based in Coimbatore, India, Scolarain started off as a fixed/speed gear bike manufacturer in 2015. It was in the year 2018 that the brand has stepped into the venture of developing customized bikes.


Scott Sports SA came into the world of bicycling through Ed Scott in 1958. Currently, the company is a subsidiary of Youngone Corporation. The brand introduced Unishock, the first-ever full-suspension MTB, and the aerodynamic clip-on handlebar.


Stryder is the marketing brand of bicycles of Tata International Ltd. The various products are available in over 4000 retail stores in India. They manufacture MTB, kids, roadster, SLR, Premium, hybrid, comfort, and ladies bikes.


Since Suncross Bikes entered the Indian bicycle market in 2004, it has garnered a lot of attention. With promotion from Naren International, the Ludhiana-based Suncross Bikes manufacture premium bicycles for the MTB category.


Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke developed Trek Bicycle as a subsidiary owned by Roth Corporation in 1975. Now, the brand is internationally known, has several sub-brands, and is associated with numerous cycling competitions.


An exclusive online cycling brand that hopes to revolutionize the bicycling market as we know, Triad adopts a refreshing approach. The varied cycle types that it produces include fat bikes, e-bicycles, MTB, and urban.


Trinx Bikes is a China-based bicycle manufacturing company that came into existence in 1992. Now, it offers products to over 40 countries and has headquarters in Russia, Philippines, Iran, and Taiwan.

Urban Terrain

One of the most underrated yet great cycling brands in India is Urban Terrain. The brand produces bicycles for different kinds of terrains and pays special importance to quality. It looks stylish and lives up to the expectations.


The online brand, WaltX, has stirred up the bicycle market with its innovative approach and impressive technology. With the assistance of professional engineers at international facilities, WaltX designs varied cycle types like MTB, urban, fat bikes, and e-bicycles.

You can take a look at the above-mentioned cycle brands in India before making a purchase. Keep in mind that without the aid of the proper cycle, you cannot enjoy the ride. Also, take careful notice of the features before you make any investments.

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