50 Cyclists That You Should Follow In Social Media

50 Cyclists That You Should Follow In Social Media
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

The emergence of cycling, as a form of sport, has been quite preeminent for the last few years. There was a time when most people considered it to be nothing more than a means of transporting from one place to another. However, the scenario has changed quite massively during the modern era of sports. Now, cycling has achieved an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping persona, which, in turn, is inspiring many aspirants to consider it as a career prospect.

Nevertheless, becoming a cyclist is not really a walk in the park. To be the greatest one ever, you will need to train yourself proficiently and maintain the continual flow of enthusiasm and inspiration. But how are you going to motivate yourself while going through such an intimidating situation? Well, in this aspect, social media platforms can come to your rescue.

There are a huge number of prominent cyclists available out there, who offer their insights on the sport on a daily basis. Moreover, many people also tend to share various motivational posts to keep their followers feel encouraged all the time. So, if you, too, are searching for that tinge of stimulus to keep going, then be sure to follow the below-mentioned cyclists social media accounts today!

Ebbe Hastng

Does the scenario of riding through chilly winds sound like the furthest thing from pleasure to you? Then, following the Swedish cyclist cum photographer, Ebbe Hastng, should be on top of your list. Whether it is about gliding through snowy fields or mowing through foggy woods – she makes everything seem like a blast of excitement!  

Laurens Ten Dam

Unlike Ebbe, the Dutch cyclist, Laurens Ten Dam, focuses more on offering insights about his rides and training session. Thus, if you do follow him, then you will be able to envision a complete picture of a rider’s lifestyle. In addition, he also, sometimes, sheds light upon various cyclist accessories, which might be beneficial for your career.

Sterling Lorence

A Canadian photographer cum cyclist, Sterling Lorence, a.k.a. Eyeroam, offers various catches of him riding through dense forests. He also showcases his cycling skills and offers views on the best mountain bikes on his Vlogs. So, if you are an MTB-aficionado, then following him becomes quite essential for you.

Sarah Strum

Be it bikepacking, cyclocross, or mountain biking – the official Instagram profile of Sarah Strum has it all to keep you enthralled with her journeys. Hailing from the sublime city of Durango, she mostly uploads photos of her voyages in scenic West America. So, if you wish to venture through the aesthetic side of mountain cycling, then be sure to follow her today!

Roman Siromakha

As an NYC-based cyclist/photographer, the works of Roman Siromakha mostly portrays the beauty and gorgeousness of urban cycling. Be sure to go through his Instagram account to relish the magnificence of awe-striking landscapes and picturesque cities.

Ruby Isaac

Unlike the previous two aesthetic-only cyclists, the works of Ruby Isaac mostly comprises of various bike-handling pointers and skills. Currently, she is only 12 years old. However, her skillset on arena road biking is unparalleled. So, if you are looking for a source of influence, then make sure to check her social media account today.

Guilhem LaCaze

The Instagram ID of the Swiss cyclist, Guilhem LaCaze, is all about exploring the beauty of snowcapped mountains. And, he does it in style with his huge collection of eye-catching bikes. Oftentimes, he offers his views on the types of exercises that a cyclist should do to keep his followers well-informed through and through.    

Michal Kwiatkowski

The young cyclist from Poland, Michal Kwiatkowski, is a popular name in the cyclist industry due to his achievements in the cosmos professional cycling. He can be an ideal person to follow if you are considering learning more about the racing world and its integral essences.

Fabio Wibmer  

The Instagram portfolio of Fabio Wibmer captures all the stills and videos from his unnatural stunts that he has pulled off over the course of years. Aside from it, he also offers various tips and tricks for those people who are intrigued to try out the best mountain bikes.

Vitorio Brumotti

One of the most recognized cyclists all around the world, Vitorio Brumotti’s life is all about freestyle cycling. He has a remarkable bike controlling skillset and does everything on a carbon road bicycle. Be sure to follow him if you are interested in bike-freestyling.

Jered Gruber

A dedicated cyclist and photographer, Jered Gruber have a knack for capturing the exquisiteness of cycling as a context. Whether it is about trying out a solo ascent or going through a sea of crowd, his photos exhibit the beauty of riding through pain and determination.

Chas Christiansen

Alleycats, cyclocross, or road races – there is nothing available out there in the universe of cycling that Chas Christiansen hasn’t already tried out. Aside from being a professional rider, he is also an avid artist and loves to portray his journeys through paintings and words.

Paris Gore    

Like many others, Paris Gore, too, is passionate about mountain biking and, thus, attempts to capture its splendor through every possible angle. His Instagram account is filled with illustrations of various tricks and twists, which would keep him captivated for quite some time.

Ron Olofsson

Ron Olofsson is, in essence, a cyclist/photographer who loves to capture the splendor of compelling street shots. Whether it sunny, chilly, foggy out there – you can always find him trying out something new to subdue his wanderlust.


Like many other cyclists mentioned here on the list, Slumworm, too, is quite unique in his own accord. He uses his social media accounts to document his ventures through the muddy path with a brakeless track bike. Make sure to be on the lookout for his tips and tricks regarding cycling as well.

Ted King

Also known as the poster boy of Strava, Ted King shares various cycling-based data and racing tips on his social media account. He has been on the scene for more than 10 years and it’s safe to say that he is still relishing each and every moment of his life.

Mark Cavendish

The Instagram ID of Mark Cavendish showcases everything regarding the life and training module of a professional road racer. He also offers regular updates on his cycling career to keep his followers motivated and encouraged throughout the day.

Emily Batty

Emily Batty is a cross-country mountain biker who thrives to try out something new with her bicycle. Each of her posts is highly motivational and offers a sense of self-esteem to every aspiring cyclist. She is, indeed, a true inspiration for everyone out there!

Danny Macaskill

Are you trying to hone your handling and turning skills without making any fuss? Then, Danny Macaskill is the one that you should follow. Known for his remarkable cycling skillset on- and off-road, he shares various videos of him trying out different tricks regularly!  

Danny Hart

Danny Hart is a dexterous rider who specializes in downhill mountain biking. His social media accounts usually consist of various shots of him performing well-thought-out stunts and motivational quotes. He has won the prestigious UCI Mountain Bike Championship as well.

Celine Natsumi

Hailing from the gorgeous backdrop of Taiwan, Celine Natsumi is, in essence, a road cyclist and a natural climber. Alongside her well-maintained bicycle, she has ridden up to the top of Wuling (3,275m) for almost 14 times. Be sure to follow her today to learn more about the diet and exercises that you should do to become a better cyclist.


Muzcali is an air stewardess cum cyclist who likes to explore the secrets of unknown roads whenever she gets some free time. Additionally, she also has a restaurant of her own and delivers the foods to his customers along with her cycle.

Iljo Keisse

As a professional cyclist and rider, Iljo Keisse likes to upload the essence of his races and rides on a daily basis. He also shares various motivational quotes and offers his view on the subject of riding to motivate his followers. Be sure to follow his social media account today to have an insight into the life of a professional cyclist.

Puck Moonen

Puck Moonen is a pro cyclist from the Netherlands who loves both cycling and eating equally. Thus, through her Instagram account, you are going to learn a little bit about the exercises and diet structures that you need to follow as a rider.

Geraint Thomas

Unlike other cyclists social media accounts, the Twitter of Geraint Thomas is not only filled with suggestions and exercises. Besides these, he also loves to share cheesy jokes, funny GIFs, and some other topics to uplift the mood of his followers.

Brandon Semenuk

The three-time winner of the Red Bull Rampage Championship, Brandon Semenuk has an eye for doing contemporary photography as well. His social media account consists of various jaw-dropping sceneries and mountain bike shots, which are a must-see for any cycling aficionado.

Tony Baumann

Aside from riding, Tony Baumann is also interested in creating custom-made paintings on helmets, frames, and other parts of the bike. With regards to cycling, he usually tries out his luck in the mountain areas. So, if you do follow him then you are going to see a lot of amazing natural shots as well.

Ayesha McGowen

Ayesha McGowen, since the inception of her career, has thrived to become the first Afro-American professional female racing cyclists. Thus, her Instagram account usually showcases her training sessions and the picturesque diversity of the notion of cycling.

La Sweat

La Sweat is, in truth, a women’s riding group, which regularly posts about the workout and practice sessions of its athletes. It, sometimes, also shares numerous fun posts to have some fun and keep away the cloud of all-seriousness.

Hannah Barnes

Emerging from the charming highlands of Scotland, Hannah Barnes offers insights into her daily cycling regime through her social media account. Additionally, she also goes on her adventures with her furry friend, Lumi, to make the rides and photos even more exciting!

Kate Courtney

Training updates, balance workouts, and relentless positivity – the Instagram account of Kate Courtney has everything that can keep any aspiring rider going throughout the day. Through her photos, she also tries to imply that the life of a cyclist is not really filled with gruesome workout sessions at all. There are some gummy shark candies involved in it as well.

 Dante Young

Dante Young is an LA cyclist who is usually seen racing with the popular rider Justin Williams. These two individuals have also launched their own team to promote a sense of diversity in the world of sports. His social media account is filled with various cycling scenarios with Justin.

Bruno Paim

A truly inspirational individual, the Instagram account of Bruno Paim features various Vlogs of him trying out different stunts with his bicycle. The sense of racing and riding almost permeates through the images of him and makes each and every cyclist admire him with respect!

  • Steff Gutovska

The quintessence of natural aesthetics and the picture-perfect amalgamation of light and dark can be savored throughout Steff Gutovska’s Instagram images. She usually works as a videographer and photographer in Spain and captures the scenes of her riding through the greenery of Spanish mountains.


If you are thoroughly interested in a wheelie and other bicycle-based stunts, the following Dblocks does make a lot of sense. Be sure to check out his traffic-stopping, jaw-dropping aerial tricks on his social media account to feel inspired and motivated through and through.

Syd Schulz

Unlike most other riders on the list, Syd Schulz has the muddiest yet most exhilarating riding life. Her videos of training and attempting a new landscape will make you leave your room and leave your house with your cycle to unravel the unknown.

Ellen Noble

Ellen Noble is a professional cross racer and mountain biker who rides for Red Bull and Trek Factory Racing. She has also fought for women’s equality in the world of cycling and made everyone’s voice heard throughout the process. She also uploads various inspirational posts to help you to get through the toughest time of your life.

Jose Bean

Jose Bean, in all honesty, is not really an outright professional. But, her semi-intense training videos and images of riding through a scenic location are bound to mesmerize you. So, be sure to follow this amazing Belgian rider to savor a different take on cycling.

Peter Sagan

The Instagram account of Peter Sagan is quintessentially filled with his racing videos and mountain biking. So, if you are interested in any of the aforementioned topics, then make sure to follow him and check out whatever he is trying to do.

Rachel Atherton

The name of Rachel Atherton has a legendary status in the mountain biking scene of women. From a younger age, she has been winning trophies and, currently, has almost become habituated to being a champion. Her Instagram profile consists of various shots, which will walk you through her dreamy journeys.

Chris Froome

Chris Froome is a UK-based road cyclist who participates with Team Sky. He usually shares various things about his well-being, struggles, and life to encourage his fans and followers to the core. He, sometimes, also shares tips through his blogs to help you out the aspirant cyclists.

Garret Chow

Garret Chow, in essence, is a mountain cycling fanatic who loves to burst through dense forests and daunting trails. Through his profile on Instagram, you can learn a lot more about various cycling gears, which you might need to include in your own kit.

Katie Holden

Like Garret, Katie Holden, too, is a professional cyclist who thrives to take on the mountainous roads. Through her social media account, you can learn various tips about cycling in general and watch some picturesque snaps of her riding under the amorous moonlight.

 Preferred Mode

Preferred Mode is an avid cyclist who is much more known for his outrageous cycling skills and eye-catching outfits. Each of his photos offers a different take on the cycling sports culture and makes you feel proud of being a cycling-aficionado.


With stunning stunts, exciting landscapes, and a unique take on photography, the Instagram ID of Mamotoraman has it all to keep you captivated for a prolonged period. The pictures of the account have been taken in different settings to diversify the backdrops in a proper manner.

Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews is, in actuality, a mountain biker who loves to perform dangerous stunts as well. His Instagram account is filled with various gorgeous tricks, which will certainly catch the eyes of enthusiasts. He also offers one or two tips on his profile, which can increase your knowledge in this aspect even more.

Darren Alff

Darren Alff is one of the most fascinating characters riding out there throughout the whole world. He also uploads several attention-grabbing shots to document his experience on his Instagram profile. He is an avid fan of animals as well.

Bryn Atkinson

Bryn Atkinson is not your mainstream, typical cyclist. He is a professional mountain biker who uploads various exciting footage of his stunts in the mountainous setting. He also offers his post-stunt photos to share some details about his workshops.

Jeremy Roy

Jeremy Roy is an aggressive ride and his cycling footages on his social media account depict the same perfectly. Unlike others, he is not really a huge fan of aesthetics. However, he does upload several tricks of his to keep the fans and followers entertained.

Liam Holohan

Do you want to learn extravagant things about the world of racing? Then, the profile of Liam Holohan becomes a must-follow for you.

So, these are some of the cyclists who have taken the universe of social media by storm. Be sure to follow them today to learn more about this enticing sports culture and fuel your aspiration to be one of the greatest in the field!

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