10 Best Worlds Most Expensive Bicycles

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Over the years, several new bicycles have been introduced for the riders. However, only a handful of them has been listed as the most expensive bikes globally. Due to the presence of precious gems and diamonds or fine, hand-crafted wooden parts, these bikes have been sold for thousands of dollars. In this article, we will discuss ten such bikes that have been designed with precision and uniqueness in mind.

10 Best Worlds Most Expensive Bicycles

#1. 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike – $10,00,000

A bicycle made of gold is not the first wonder happening in the world. However, it is certainly the first time every single part of the bike has been made from 24K gold. Here, starting from the seat to the disc brakes, every part is made from pure gold, as claimed by House of Solid Gold, the bike’s maker.

Coming at 1 million USD, this is the most expensive bike ever created. Only thirteen pieces have been made, each tailored to perfection to match the rider’s attributes. With customization being offered, this 24K gold extreme mountain bike has snatched the limelight for itself on short notice. 

It has a golden water bottle, which is an add-on. Apart from this, here, the logo of the maker company is adorned with six hundred black diamonds and small, five hundred gold-colored sapphires. The saddle of this bike is covered with alligator skin.

#2. Damien Hirst Trek Madone: $500,000

Designed by a British artist Hirst, this particular bike gained a lot of money on an auction, which is why it has been listed as the second-most expensive two-wheelers in the world.

Hirst wanted to move out of the box and do something which would set this bike apart from every other design. Most luxurious bike companies usually use jewels, precious gems, stones, and metals to design their bike. But, Hirst changed this legacy and attached real butterflies on the chassis of the bike. 

On being asked, he said that he didn’t want to create an illusion, and that’s why he used the real butterflies. This is why when light shines on the bikes, and it glows just like the butterflies would. It is one of the peculiar but interesting characteristics that has raised almost half a million dollars during the auction. Another small point of attraction in this bike is the diamond-encrusted Madone head fitted into the bike.

#3. Trek Butterfly Madone: $500,000

One will expect metals, precious stones, gems, and other such costly objects being loaded on to the frame for expensive bikes. Well, it’s very much expected because almost all the expensive bikes have the same scenario.

However, it is the Trek butterfly Madone that has first made the difference in this trend. As the name suggests, butterflies are involved. And no, we are not talking about the jewel-encrusted butterflies or something like that. Rather, the bike’s creator, Hirst, included live butterflies in the bike’s metal chassis. 

This includes the metal bar at the top, the wheel rims, the handlebar, and other minute parts. Against a pale pinkish backdrop, these butterflies are looking amazing and yet enigmatic. This out of box thinking has made his creation worth half a million dollars in US currency presently in 2022. Even though Hirst could have used fake butterflies, he wanted to make the idea as realistic as possible. And that’s what led him here.

#4. 24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike: $393,000

Coming from the expert hands of Goldengenie, this racing men’s bike is truly a masterpiece. The original version was designed miraculously in a way where it took everyone’s breath away. Over the entire framework, you can see the vibrant, lustrous gold color made from 24K solid gold plating. Surely that had made the bike one of the most expensive two-wheelers in the world.

However, unlike other gold plated bikes, here, you will find every small part being plated with gold metal, be it the handlebar, the small rigs of the gear chain, or the wheel rims. 

In contrast to the brightening gold is the black saddle made from San Marco’s limited edition suede. It further heightens the beauty of the bike. And, since it’s a racing bike, the tires are SR4- one of the world’s most durable cycle tires. Currently, the specialists and designers at Goldengenie are making bespoke designs with different handlebar and tire choices.

#5. Trek Yoshimoto Nara: $200,000

From the name, it sounds as if the bike comes from the outer world. However, that’s not the fact as Trek Madone is the creator of this beautiful two-wheeler, which has managed to land a price of several hundred thousand in the US currency.

Rather than having gold plating on the outer crust, this particular bike has cartoon characters and UFO designs printed on the frame, which truly makes the bike look super cute and amazing. However, the bike’s cost is because of the several patented and advanced technologies included in the frame. These features will allow the rider to take sharp turns, maneuver through narrow spaces, control the braking, and so on. 

#6. Kaws: Trek Madone: $160,000

Trek Madone is indeed a world-known name, and thanks to its reputation, the bikes designed by the company have always managed to steal the limelight. Kaws, too, did the same, and now, it is known as one of the costliest bikes in the world. It is a perfect combination of style, relaxation, luxury, and elegance. These vibes pore out of every part of the bike, making it look like a god creation. 

Even though the bike has gained enough appreciation from all over the world due to its sheer beauty, we can’t ignore the technical advancements in this model. It has several trademark features that make the bike perfect for serious riders. The seats have been made with an ergonomic design so that riders can enjoy comfort while driving. Also, the aerodynamic design of the framework makes it an excellent two-wheeler.

#7. Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike: $114,000

Gold plated bikes are world-renowned, and Auramania is one such company that has created a wonderful bike that now cost nearly about $112 million in US currency. The frame has been covered with gorgeous gold metal, and that also 24K, to be specific. Now, one might think that with the gold plating, the bike has become heavy. In reality, however, the bike is lightweight, which makes it easily maneuverable. Moreover, the design is sleek and almost streamlined, which will help the rider glide through on the roads like a bird. 

The design is very simple. But, Auromania has made sure to add a touch of elegance and tranquility to the bike, which has made it look ten times more precious, a rather handy model perfect for keeping in the museum. Along with gold plating, precious stones and gems have been encrusted on the frame, making it more brightening and dazzling for the eyes.

#8. Trek Madone 7: Diamond: $75,000

Another name that has attracted the limelight towards itself is the Trek Madone’s 7 diamond bicycle. Trek Madone is a name of global reputation in the bicycle industry. As a result, its bike will also gain the same attraction. After all, the company believes in creating a design worth praises and applause from all across the world. The bike is made from carbon-fiber material, which makes it super light, perfect for encrusting diamonds, which would add to the vehicle’s weight. 

When it was auctioned in Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala, Trek Madone raised a total of $75,000- a perfect amount for a bike where the spokes are laden with gorgeous, shining white diamonds. Apart from this, you will also find a plate with a yellow and white gold cover sitting at the bike’s front.

#9. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike: $60,000

For the first time in an era, two popular brands came together to design this amazing mash-up bike. We wouldn’t say that this is the costliest bike. But surely, it will put a dent in the pocket with its $60,000 price tag. Cervelo, a Canadian bike maker, partnered up with the Chrome Hearts American luxury motorcycle company and came up with this exquisite two-wheeler. The main feature which makes this stand out in the crowd is the leather, which covers almost eighty percent of the bike. 

This is not all about the bike. As you will find, most parts being covered with rhinestones. The stones’ placement against the black leather and precious metals makes the bike look like a fairy tale two-wheeler carriage. This custom-made bike is based on the famous model- P4 TT from Cervelo, which is why it is crafted to perfection.

#10. Montante Luxury Gold Collection: $46,000

The last most expensive bicycle to be discussed here is the Montante Luxury Gold collection. Here, the entire frame is covered with several 24K golden leaves and is protected by a special varnish for increased longevity.

In this bicycle, the fenders are made from birch stem and are covered with golden leaves. The foot grip of the pedals is made from walnut wood. For covering the bike’s accessories, Swarovski stones have been used in more than 11,000 in number. The saddle is covered with the Brazilian Ball python leather, along with the handlebar, the chain, the padlock, and the pomp.


These ten bikes have been auctioned at huge sums of money all across the world. Some of these have been tailored to meet the riders’ demands, while some are so perfect that they need to be kept in museums.

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